Jumièges is a French municipality in the Département Seine-maritime and the region striking normandy. It is appropriate at the right bank of the Seine, in a river loop between Le Havre and Rouen in one

the most well-known part of Jumièges is from the holy Philibert, for the son of a Frankish count in the Gascogne, created abbey.

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around 645 the abbey became based of the Wikingern to 24. May 841 down-burned. The reconstruction took place on impact via duke William I. normandy by monks from the abbey pc. Cyprien to Poitiers. Around 934 it was repaired so far that it could take up 12 monks.

The abbott Robert Champart let the monastery build 1040 to 1052 again, at the 1. July 1067 was geweiht the monastic church by the archbishop of Rouen in presence of William the conquerer. The today's choir of the church originates from the time around 1267/1270. 1947 changed the abbey from Jumièges into government property.

description of the buildings

the church

Abtei Jumièges
abbey Jumièges

with the church concerns a Roman building, which is today a ruin. It was 88 meters long and reached in three floor a height of 25 meters.

In the west the building trains a projection/lead, which is flanked by two nearly symmetrical towers of 46 meters height.

1688 to 1692 a wrong serrate-tightness-curve put on.

1802 let the choir blow up the new owner of Jumièges - the church served thereafter until 1824 as quarry. The Fresken was extinguished by the weather. With the romance the church received an important call , which schwärmte of it as the most beautiful ruin of France by Victor Hugo (“la plus bark ruin de France”).

the monastery

(is missing still)


  • Saint Évroult
  • Saint Pierre sur Dives

of abbotts

other personalities

in the time of the Karolinger, 788, was Tassilo III., Duke by Bavaria, locked up in the abbey.

William of Jumièges, monk in Jumièges, wrote its Gesta Normannorum around here 1070 ducum.

The abbey has beyond that its own annals: Annales Gemmeticenses (annals of Jumièges), written at the beginning 12. Century.

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