Jupp Schmitz

the Jupp Schmitz monument on the Jupp Schmitz Plätzchen at the Mars gate lane in the Cologne old part of town, arranged by the artist Olaf Höhnen.

Jupp Schmitz (* 15. February 1901 in Cologne; † 26. March 1991 in Cologne) was a German maintenance artist, hit - and Krätzchensänger.

Classical training possessed native Rhine countries as a pianist. Temporarily it led also its own orchestra and stepped before that 2. World war in hotels up. To the war, when the allied ones approved again meetings and removals, he came then 1949 again to the Karneval. Directly its first Karnevalslied „who is that to pay “, an allusion on the Cologne destroyed by bombs and the straight currency reform begun became, at first attempt of one of the usually-sung hits of those years. In it could not change also the plagiarism reproach for yard brewing house song - composer William „Wiga “ Gabriel anything, which was called originated in march in Schmitz' success title its 1936 „you Marie, and it “was faithful to recognize believed.

In the future and composed Jupp Schmitz, supported from its wife Bärbel, wrote which had training as a singer, still many further hits and Karnevalslieder. It whether its feature affectionately Schnäuzer was called by its compatriots.

Jupp Schmitz had its last appearance two months before its death. It died to 26. March 1991. On its gravestone one knows the inscription its 1950 composed song on ashtray Wednesday is everything to past read. In the year 1994 the city Cologne established a monument, which represents it sitting at the piano to its son.

songs from Jupp Schmitz (selection)

  • I drive with my Lisa (1956)
  • on ashtray Wednesday is everything it
  • is still soup past in
  • the winter there snows there et
  • who is that to pay (1949)
  • the shepherd boy of pc. Kathrein (1963)
  • Ölldi sölldi sippdisa (1949)
  • as knows the police (1956)
  • De Schwemmbotz
  • Et it at a stick to rähne (1938)
  • the old Dattelbaum (M: J. Schmitz/T: Rothenbaum) original version sung of Jupp of locks


in the film the fidele gas station it had a small role (1950) and for the film of the devil inheritance (1952) it composed a song.

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