Juri Alexejewitsch Gagarin

Juri Gagarin
Juri Gagarin
country: USSR
date selection: 7. March 1960
(1. Group of cosmonauts)
of number of space flights: 1
start first space flight: 12. April 1961
landing last space flight: 12. April 1961
total period: 1h 48min
number of EH: 0
total period EH: -
Space flights:
separated: March 1968 (had an accident)

the Soviet cosmonaut Colonel Juri Alexejewitsch Gagarin (Russian ЮрийАлексеевичГагарин, wiss. Transliteration Yuriy Alekseevič Gagarin; * 9. March 1934 in Kluschino with Smolensk, Russian SFSR; † 27. March 1968 with Nowosolowo, ebd.) was first humans in the universe.

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Juri Gagarin became to 9. March 1934 in the village Kluschinoborn, its father was a Carpenter, the nut/mother Kolchosbäuerin; it had two brothers and a sister. 1941 it was given first schooling to into the village school by Kluschino, the school attendance became however by the Second World War and the crew of the village by GermansSoldier interrupted. Its sister and one of its brothers were kidnapped to the hard labour to Germany, turned however after the war probably-keep back.

Into the time of the war falls also an allegedly coining/shaping experience, which always mentions in the model literature to Gagarinbecomes: Gagarin is to have seen, how a Soviet flighter pilot in its proximity landed, in order another, to made an emergency landing flier to carry forward and before German shank save in such a way.

After a removal into the city Gschatsk visited Gagarin the middle school. it terminated 1951two-year training at a trade school in Luberzy with the skilled worker examination as casters. Subsequently, it studied at the industrial technical school in Saratow and received there a diploma as a foundry technician.

Juri Gagarin on the way to the Wostok

during the study it became memberthe aero club in Saratow and its first flight examination of the 3 existed. June 1955. In the same year it was accepted to the flier school to Orenburg. To 7. November 1957 was promoted Gagarin to second lieutenant. Likewise in the year 1957 he marriedthe lady doctor Valentina Gorjatschowa. From 1957 to 1959 Gagarin in the Soviet Air Force served. Its squadron was stationed at the polar circle. Here Gagarin became member of the CPSU. 1959 were born its daughter Jelena, to 12. March 1961, exactlyMonth before his space flight, its second daughter Galja.

first humans in space

Juri Gagarin in the spaceship

1960 were selected Gagarin as a potenzieller cosmonaut and received from March 1960 until January 1961 appropriate training. It became forwardsall because of its calm temper as candidates possible of 20 selected, in order to leave as first humans the earth. To 12. April 1961 it completed with the space cap Wostok 1 its spectacular first space flight and orbited thereby in 108Minutes once the earth. It landed thereafter in Siberia, before the eyes of two astonished girls.

Gagarin was until 1963 commander of the Soviet group of cosmonauts and studied thereafter at the Schukowsky academy. To 27. It had an accident to March 1968 with a practice flight with one MiG-15 deadly. Its grave is on the honour cemetery (Red Square) in Moscow.


Juri Gagarin

still during the space flight Gagarin was promoted by the first lieutenant (Старшийлейтенант) to major (Майор). After its successful landingwith Saratow Gagarin became now in the whole world admits, in particular in the countries of the Eastern Bloc became it the Idol. In addition not least a whole row in the Soviet Union carried more published, for the principles of the model literature of obeying Gagarin biographies, under italso its autobiography the way into the cosmos.

The first world orbiting was an important prestige success of Soviet space travel in the time of the cold war. After the Sputnik shock this was already second success, with that the communist stateits technological superiority to look placed. Gagarin received the Lenin medals and it the title hero of the Soviet Union was lent. It undertook numerous graduation journeys by the world, with which it likewise for those in the time after its landing as sympathy carrierStudy of space as for the political system of the Soviet Union recruited. Gagarin was perpetuated also on several modern Russian coins.

1968 were renamed the city Gschatsk in Gagarin and the training centre for cosmonauts, in Star City with Moscow, received thatName Juri Gagarin Kosmonautentrainingszentrum.

In its honours at the Lenin folder in Moscow the enormous, futuristic Gagarin monument, was set up which stands until today.


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