Law guard

the law guard is a university-formed, civilian awake body organized after military sample. This is subordinated to the Austrian Federal Ministry for law. The executive officials are posed to the execution authority I.Instanz as an auxiliary body to the side. They support the institute leader with the fulfilment of the legal tasks in the law institutes. They are on an equal footing in serve and pay-legal regard the other university-formed awake bodies, like the federal police.

In the Federal Ministry for law the section V (execution of sentences section) is entrusted with the specialized supervision over the law institutes. The supervision of service has the section III, department 2.

I.Instanz is a president of the higher regional court into its parishes the law institute is.

corps badge

Korpsabzeichen der Justizwache
corps badge of the law guard

within a round edge verge is a binding sign, dargestellent by of Austria colors red-white-red, which by a perpendicularly standing sword partly one takes off. The grasp of the sword covers a chain, which shows ever two track links on both sides the grasp. The track links continuing laurel ring umkränzt the binding sign.

Both sign, sword and chain symbolize the jurisdiction from age . A volume connects the right symbols with a laurel ring, which became on those and Ehrenhaftigkeit of all refers to with the national justice concerned persons.


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