Justus Erich whale tree

Justus Erich whale tree (* 25. January 1768 in Steinlah; † 31. January 1839 in Weimar) was a German Typograf, writing caster and a stamp cutter.

After a theory with a spice dealer and Konditor in Braunschweig he manufactures first baking tins. Later it note and Kupferstecher and learned that stamp cuts. In addition it manufactures intending coins. he buys the schriftgiesserei Ernst Wilhelm Kircher , which is Weimar shifted after 1803 to 1786 in Goslar. 1836 become the company at F.A. Brockhaus sells. 1916 acquire the H. Berthold AG some stencils of whale tree.

Around 1800 it sketched the writings whale tree and whale tree german type.

The whale tree applies beside the Bodoni and the Didot as one the most important Klassizisti Antiquas. Compared with these it is however readable as text writing better and exhibits some characteristics, like z. B. the missing basic serif of the small b. It leaves itself open as broadly, classical, elegantly, herrschaftlich, generously, respectablly and easily “squarely” working to describe. From all klassizistischen Antiquas it is considered as the “most humanste”. While the Bodoni and the Didot admit as the most authentic style of the era of the French revolution are, those is regarded whale tree rather as German interpretation of the classicism. Newspapers it lends to authority and reliability.

Those uses the citizens of Berlin newspaper whale tree as Font for headings.


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