Justus farmhand

Justus farmhand (* 7. October 1839 in Bruchsal; † 31. January 1921 in Freiburg in mash gau) was a catholic theologian and writer.

It was born as the second of five children of a Bruchsaler of cutter master. After the Abitur in restcorroded and the study of catholic theology in Freiburg he became to 5. August 1862 in pc. Peter to the priest geweiht. Afterwards it as Seelsorger and religion teacher worked in different municipalities of the Erzdiözese Freiburg. In the year 1878 it attained a doctorate to the doctor of theology in Tübingen. By its doctor title it a steep career in the church opened. 1882 appointed it archbishop Johann Baptist Orbin into its cathedral chapter and entrusted it with the special responsibility for school and religious education in the Erzdiözese Freiburg. In the same year Justus farmhand wrote the “practical comment to the Biblical history”, which was a whole generation through in the German language area used.

The publication of Biblical history followed for the lower school years of the catholic elementary school. This school book was at its time extraordinarily likes and into altogether 20 foreign languages was translated. Finally 1907 its “Biblical history came for school and house out”.

1884 he became bishop and led after the death of archbishop Orbin two years long as Kapitelsvikar the administrative business of the Erzdiözese Freiburg.

For its large earnings/services as religion paedagogue and its successful literary activities the citizen committee of Bruchsal lent to it on the occasion of its 80. Birthday to 2. October 1919 the honour citizen right. At the high age of 81 years the Bruchsaler honour citizen Justus farmhand deceased to 31. January 1921 in Freiburg, where he was buried in northern choir handling of Münster.


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