Jutta lamp

Jutta lamp (* 13. December 1937 in Flensburg) is a German actress.

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Jutta lamp celebrated its first successes into the 1960er years at the theatre in Bremen, where director caused briefly Hübner with the directors Peter Zadek and Peter Stein, as well as the stage designer Wilfried Minks of Bremen the style in such a way specified. Zadeks measure for measure of William Shakespeare and stone of famous Torquato Tasso of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe were productions the Jutta lamp along-coined/shaped and as Peter Stein its looking stage on resounding ashes the bank in Berlin based, were Jutta lamp one of the first actresses of the ensemble. It played 30 years at the looking stage. Among them work with all large theatre directors. Beside stone, with which she also some years was associated, were Klaus the Michael Grüber, Luc Bondy or Robert Wilson.

important productions


on the canvas lured it end of the 1970er years the rain eating urine Margarethe of Trotta, which occupied her in main roles. First more successfully in sisters or the balance of the luck, then 1981 still into the bleierne time, where it embodied the sister of Gudrun Ensslin. Film appearances remained in their career however RSR, are nevertheless concentrated on the theatre their work. Like that there was then also rather television versions of their stage successes, it in addition induced before the camera to step. 2003 created it then Margarethe of Trotta it to a role in its film rose road to persuade again.


2004 you became for her earnings/services around the European theatre in Moscow of the Stanislawski - price lent. Directors already received this price such as Peter Stein and Peter Brook before it. Jutta lamp is Trägerin of the medal Pour le mérite.

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