Juventus Turin

Juventus football club S.p.A.
Series of A: 1. Place (2004/05)
Gründungsdatum: 1. November 1897
city: Turin (TON)
president: Franzo Grande of Stevens
vice-president: Roberto Bettega
manager: Luciano Moggi
managing director: Antonio Giraudo
coach: Fabio Capello
captain: Alessandro Del Piero
28 x master

9 x Coppa Italia
4 x Supercoppa Italiana
2 x champion League
3 x UEFA cup
2 x world cup
1 x cup of the Cup winners

stadium: Stadio depression Alpi
(68,841 places)
Association colors: Black-and-white
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Website: juventus.com
conditions: May 2006

Juventus Turin (official Juventus football club S.p.A., briefly „Juve “), is an Italian soccer association from Turin. The term comes from latin and means youth.The soccer club is considered as one of the most steeped in tradition and most successful soccer associations of the world. In the European football the club guidance engages itself also in the community of interests of the G-14. The Heimspiele are delivered at present still in 69.041 visitors the seizing Stadio depression Alpi, whereby decided its partial outlineand a following new building place on is planned.

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of the football fans the association also often becomes as „vecchia signora “(„old personsLady “) designates. There is secured information for the origin of this over name non very probably however some anecdotes, which may have contributed all together the their to it. The Gründungsdatum of the association is the 1. November 1897. First the plays in pink leotards were delivered, since 1903one plays however in the characteristic black-and-white touched leotards.

Sportily Juventus belongs to the most successful soccer associations of the world; the 28 Italian Meistertitel are national record. In addition Juventus was the first soccer association, that it with the victory in the European Cup of the national masters 1985 succeeded in the run to itsTo decide association history all three euro cups - UEFA cup , cup of the Cup winners as well as the European Cup of the national masters - for itself. All three European Cups in the course of association history to win only Ajax Amsterdam succeeded , to the fiber plastic Barcelona beside Juventus (both by successes in the European Cupthe national master and/or. in the UEFA cup of 1992) as well as the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich (by the UEFA cup - victory 1996).

Ore rivals of Juventus are traditionally inter Milan, the only association beside Juventus, which plays since beginning in the highest Italian league, and which city rival AC Turin. A further rivalry, in particular under the trailers of the respective associations, exists since the 60's-years to the AC Florenz, since Juventus interspersed itself at least doubtful in the fight for the championship against the AC Florenz.

Juventus becomes at present from the former Juve Mittelfeldstrategen of the 70's-years, Fabio Capello, trains. President of the association is Franzo Grande of Stevens, the family Agnelli close a standing attorney. The Agnelli clan maintains since 1923 close connections to the association and is also its majority owner. Both Gianni Agnelli and Umberto Agnelli were time of their life closelyconnected with the football club and managed the association up to death as honorary presidents. Financially Juventus does not depend however on the family and/or Fiat .

In accordance with annually of Deloitte & Touche the LLP. if calculations published, the association is to material Madrid, Manchester United and the AC Milan the fourth-richest football club of the world. In the tax year 2004/05 the estimated fortune amounted to 229.4 million euro (material Madrid: 275,7).

Regular inquiries result in that over 20% the Italian is Juventus fans. In Turin applied however long time for that AC Turin as a more popular crew. In the last years however a turning turn is to be observed, so that meanwhile Juventus might be more popular - estimations go from a 60:40 - majority out. This is to be due probably to since the 60's-years the continuous Zuwanderungswelle of southItalian immigrants to Turin. Notinsignificantly the popularity of the AC suffers also from continuous sporty failures. In Milan however, the play place of the ore rival, enjoys Juve an unexpectedly high reputation inter. Internationally, then a collection of the institute for statistics Nielsen resulted in in June 2005, is 150 million humans trailer of the Turiner of association.Thus the association in the world-wide popularity scale unlocked to Manchester United and aims at now the leading position of material Madrid .

Since the season 2004/2005 the association has a new coat of arms. The transformation contained a simplification, as well as the creation of plastic depth. The Ausrüster is Nike, Main sponsor with Italy far at the highest endowed contract is the Libyan enterprise Tamoil.


of beginnings (1897-1923)

the history of the association is inseparably connected with the history of the Agnelli clan. The association was created 1897 of two students of theTuriner Massimo D'Azeglio - High School, as Augusta Tourinorum. First one played in rosafarbenen leotards. Soon however renaming in Juventus followed („youth “).

Due to a coincidence since 1903 to today characteristic black-and-white Dresse are used. An English emigrant wanted one in that year of the crewand ordered these give new equipment thereupon in Nottingham. It came however to a mistake: Black touched leotards were ordered - the local textile manufacturer was however obvious the opinion, it should leotards for that regionally resident football club Notts County be manufactured and producedit in black-and-white. In Turin one was however little lucky over this supply, for lack of alternatives saw one however already soon in a forced manner to it, the new leotards using.

Since 1900 Juventus in the Italian championship plays, the 1905 with an unexpected success over that at that timelargest rival Genova 1893 one won for the first time. Afterwards it became however first calmly around the association, the First World War and sporty failures was the cause for it.

beginning of the commitment with Edoardo Agnellis (1923-1970)

the turn came in the year 1923, as to 24. July Edoardo Agnelli, father famous Giovanni of the Agnelli, a partnership with the association was received and as a sponsor functioned. Still in the same year Virginio Rosetta for at that time 50,000 Italian lire ( ~ 25,80)€ of pro cellos changed to Juventus Turin - which documented firstprofessional player transfer. This represented at the same time the beginning (Italian) of the professional football. The crew already soon strengthened and in such a way continued to celebrate it 1926 the second Meistertitel. Fast Juventus was promoted finally to the series winner; between 1931 and 1935 five titles in consequence followed. 1933 played Juventus for the first timein the Stadio Comunale, which should be used to 1990.

Heavy setbacks followed however already soon. 1935 died Edoardo Agnelli by an aircraft crash and the 2. World war drew few years later its devastation traces over Europe. The restaurant rival was sporty in this time AC Turin the dominating crew of the city. 1947 took over Giovanni Agnelli the presidency over the association. Its work became less with the two following Meistertiteln, than rather with the obligation Giampiero Bonipertis (459 plays, 179 gates; today honorary president of Juventus) associates.

Giovanni Agnelli pulled itselfalready soon as a kommissarischer club president back and Umberto left the post to its brother. Under its guidance the tenth title and thus the first master star in the coat of arms followed.

the era Boniperti (1971-1990)

1971 changed Giampiero Boniperti of the active player into the management of theClubs and ascended fast to the president. Into the 70's-years inside, internationally however national very successfully hardly was Juventus. Into the presidency Bonipertis fell first successes in the UEFA cup and cup of the national masters (1985), with which Juventus finally into the Riege thatEuropean large associations ascended. Boniperti obligated a whole set of successful coaches and players, who made Juventus internationally successful, among them is about coach Giovanni Trapattoni as well as some the most important players of the time at that time. Michel Platini, Dino Zoff, Paolo Rossi, Roberto Bettega, Gaetano Scirea and Fabio Capello are only some the names. The latter returned 2004 as a coach to Juventus.

Reason for celebrating however hardly gave it in the year of large success to 1985, after it came in the final play to a tragedy.

the tragedy ofHeysel

Der eingestürte Block Z des Heysel Stadions
the eingestürte block Z of the Heysel of stadium

to the season 1985 reached Juventus as mentioned the final in the cup of the national masters, opponents should to 29. May 1985 the English master fiber plastic Liverpool its. The final took place in the Heysel stadium. For a long time before beginning of play Italian saw themselvesand English fans with mutual provocations confronts. A larger amount of English hooligan stormed finally about one hour before beginning of play „the sector Z “of the Heysel stadium, in which neutral fans had actually been supposed to sit, actually however mainly Italian fans were. These left thereupon in panic escape-like thatBlock, whereby some persons to death were trampled, others by the fences and the walls were crushed. Also a part of the walls of the ramshackle stadium collapsed and buried further fans under itself. Altogether 39 humans died, over 400 were hurt on that day. ThoseDisaster, which was caused by the English fans, arranged the UEFA to drakonischen punishments. So no English association was not allowed to participate five years long in international competitions, the fiber plastic Liverpool seven years. The play, in order to avoid further excesses, nevertheless whistled for the start anddecided by an eleven-meter of Michel Platini, which was given probably however to injustice.

see also: Heysel stadium

in April 2005 the two associations met one another for the first time since 1985 again. At the edge of the replay of the championsleague quarter final in Turin it came approximately around the stadium againheavy excesses through Italian of hooligan, which had sworn revenge for Heysel.

current developments (1990-2005)

the change followed 1990 in the unloved alpine stadium (Stadio depression Alpi) and further large international successes. Briefly before the removal Boniperti of the association presidency pulled itselfback and is since then honorary president of the club.

From specially for the soccer world championship 1990 stadium was one established in Turin however few enthusiastically, to just as little as the ore rival AC Turin. Architectural lack are the principal reason for the fact that this stadium was never accepted by the fans.The playing field is out of the rear rows in some places hardly observable and up to 162 meters distant. Officially it has a capacity of over 70.000 seats, due to of restrictions of the federations UEFA and FIFA is actual extent of utilization however with approximately 60.000Places reaches. It is in all other respects built as multi-function stadium, and about also for Leichtathletikwettbewerbe usable. It was actually used up to the today's day only once for it - in the year 1993.

Therefore increasingly tensions between the association already developed for in the middle of the 90's-years andthe city administration, which concerned the concession of the stadium. 1995 decided the association guidance to shift due to a Uneigkeit concerning the lease price the lining up Heimspiele later in the semi-final and in the final of the UEFA cup into citizens of Milan the Giuseppe Meazza stadium where the two plays with in each case 85,000 spectators completely sells offwere. This represented an eclat in Italian football history.

Sportily the 90's-years were the most successful time in the association history, in which all large titles, among them also the second victory in now highest European converted into „the champions League the “could be wonAssociation competition, with a 6:4 in the penalty shootout against Ajax Amsterdam, UEFA cup (among other things in the mentioned San Siro stadium in Milan) against Borussia Dortmund (3: 1 and 3:0)

After the EM 1996 in England at that time still relatively unknown changed Zinedine Zidane to Juventus Turin. The offensive midfield player was promoted in the years with Juventus to a player of world format and received to 1998 and 2000 the honor to the world soccer player of the yearly. For the transfer sum of 71.6 million euro, highest in the history of the football, changedZidane finally 2001 too material Madrid.

A further remarkable play was played at the beginning of of 1999. When end of 1998 the disputed Kurd leader Abdullah Öcalan in Rome was arrested, the League play between Juventus Turin and Galatasaray Istanbul in Turkey a special political explosiveness reached champions. DespiteProtests of both associations UEFA president Lennart Johansson persisted however on the observance of place and time of delivering. A crew and a play were protected in such a manner never before by police force like Juventus in these days. The play was unspektakulär, however the Drumherum produced an enormousInterest of medium. Over a billion spectators from 24 countries pursued the Rummel around the play due to the precarious political situation. But within the stadium guarded by 22.500 policemen there were finally neither excesses nor riots at the edge of the play.

At the end of of 2001 went to Juventus Turin as the thirdItalian association to the stock exchange. After the two Roman associations AS and Lazio offered also Juventus of portions to the free trade at the citizens of Milan stock exchange. About 35 per cent of the company capital are since then acted. Surprisingly the Libyan head of state Muammar aluminium-Gaddafi shares still bought in the same yearin the value of 22.9 million euro (5.31 per cent). Majority owner is still the family Agnelli, which holds further over 50% of the portions. In the consequence of the relations of the family Gaddafi with the association briefly even Gaddafis son - aluminium-Saadi Gaddafi - trained with Juventus.The shares acted to an issue price of 3,70 euro in Milan, lost since then however continuously.

After the stock exchange course an agreement in the controversy of many years with the city administration could be obtained. With the won capital the stadium for 25 million euro of the city became Turinbought up and changed into the possession of the association. In place of the old alpine stadium Juventus, after repeated extensions of deadline, will establish a new , pure football stadium starting from June 2006 after English model for maximally 42,000 spectators. A avowed goal is it to make the stadium attendance a Event.

2004employed the media a Dopingaffäre approximately around the crew of Juventus. The association physician Riccardo Agricola stood beside managing director Antonio Giraudo because of presumed systematic Dopings before court. Trips were Dopingvorwürfe of Zdenek Zeman, that the players of Juventus, in particular Del Piero, 1998 „unnatural muscle increases “had subordinated. One negotiated the reproach systematic Blutdopings by giving EPO to numerous players between 1994 and 1998. The reproaches were directed particularly against the former midfield players Antonio Conte and Alessio Tacchinardi, however also against many other players, under it also thatlater coaches of as Monaco, Didier Deschamps, and the former national team goal keeper Angelo Peruzzi.

The court finally condemned in November 2004 the crew physician Riccardo Agricola in first instance to a detention of one year and ten months, during the managing directors Antonio Giraudo ofthe reproaches one acquitted.

sporty one of successes

Scudetti (28)

the Turiner association won altogether 28 times the Italian championship, the Scudetto. With this characteristic number is Juventus of national record masters - no other crew so often won the Meistertitel.

Note: The core formation of the respective master crew is on its own lower surface.

Coppa d'Italia (9)

Juventus won 9 times the Italian cup competition, the Coppa Italia. Also this is the record on national level. In the last years that took in Turin, exactly the same as with all other Italian point associations,Interest in this cup further off, so that these crews began here with reserve players.

Italienischer Supercup (4)

Weiterhin gehen vier Siege im italienischen Supercup, der Supercoppa Italiana auf das Konto der Turiner.

work on] European

cup victories international

successes placed themselves to 98 only in the later 70's-years. For it the successful guidance of Giampiero Boniperti (see history. ) is responsible

in the last years played Juventus more or less continuous in the champions League, in which however three of the last four final plays were lost, therefore is successes in the UEFA cup into thatlast years grant. In the champions League the crew was subject to the AC Milan in the penalty shootout in May 2003 in the purely Italian duel.

UEFA champion League (2)
1985, 1996
European Cup of the Cup winners (1)
UEFA cup (3)
1977, 1990, 1993
euro Supercup (2)
1984, 1996
UEFA Intertoto Cup (1)
world cup (2)
1985, 1996

The season 1996/97 entered as the most successful into club history, as it the association as first team European-wide succeeded the championship, the champions League and the world cup the same seasonto win.

further titles

Coppa depression Alpi (1)
Mundialito clubs (1)

youth work

like already in the name Juventus (lat. Youth) announced, has the association since more jeher an important youth department. Similarly as Ajax Amsterdam maintains Juventus in completely EuropeFootball schools, in particular also two Ausbildungscamps in Italy. The youth departments of Juventus (Primavera, Italian for „spring “) apply since more jeher than jump board to the international football. The association promotes thereby above all young Italian players, without neglecting however their school career and training. Foreign one The association makes language teachers to players available. The continuation of the education is a condition for an admission into a football school of Juventus. Characteristically for the success of the youth work is also the national team of the EM Italy of 2004, into which altogether eight current or former players ofJuventus into the cadre appointed were. Just as many were it already with the world championships in Argentina (1978) and Spain (1982).


current cadre

  • conditions: July of 2005

goal keepers


centre zone


former players

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