Kärntner noodle

Kärntner Nudel (Kasnudel) - ohne gekrendelten Rand
Kärntner noodle (Kasnudel) - without gekrendelten edge

the Kärntner noodle is a thinly rolled out noodle paste, which is formed to a bag big as a fist (or also smaller) and filled with different delicious.

Kärntner noodles gives it with most diverse fillings, from heartful to sweet. Begun of the Kasnudel (pot - potato filling, peppered with Minze and/or Kerbel) over the Steinpilz noodle (stone mushroom/potato filling) up to the Kletzennudel (gedörrte pears with potting).

The Minze used for the classical filling is Mentha gentilis (brown Minze or Nudelminze), one practically only as cultivated plant occurring hybrids from Mentha arvensis and Mentha spicata.

The typical characteristic of these traditional noodles, is the gekrendelte edge. These particularly beautifully in addition wars, more jeher the ambition was already each Kärntner a housewife since. That could be done so far that in Kärnten the saying circulated to “A Dirnd'l, dås rivet krendeln kån, kriegt kan Månn”. The traditional kind of preparing is considered as labor-consuming. Kärntner noodles came particularly on Friday, that in the catholic tradition as meatless designated weekday on the table. Today the Kärntner noodles is far common in households and the catering trade of the country, however often industrially is manufactured and originates from the Tiefkühlschrank. Typical quality losses of such noodles are watered fillings, absence of the gekrendelten edge and us valley doing gene of the typical form due to the tightly packed long cold treatment storage.

The Kärntner noodles similarly however smaller the Kärntner Schlickkrapfen is usually with meat abundance, and the Schlutzkrapfen from Tirol. One finds similar prescriptions for the production of filled Teigwaren in many parts of Europe for instance the Ukraine and Poland (Piroggen), as well as in Italy in addition, in Asia.


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