King of the kings

film data
of German titles: King of the kings
original titles: King OF Kings
production country: The USA,
feature year: 1961
length (PAL - DVD): 210 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Nicholas Ray
film script: Philip Yordan
production: Samuel Bronston
music: Miklos Rozsa
camera: Milton Krasner,
Franz F. Planner,
Manuel Berenguer
cut: Harold F. Kress

Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus Christ,
Siobhan McKenna as Maria,
Hurd Hatfield as Pontius Pilatus,
Ron Randell as Lucius,
Viveca Lindfors as Claudia Procula,
Rita Gam as Herodias,
franc Thring as Herodes Antipas,
Orson Welles as a storyteller

king of the kings is first in color and clay/tone turned feature over the life Jesu Christi.

Table of contents

the action

born grown up in Betlehem, in Nazaret pulls the Carpenter Jesus by the country and announces to humans the word of God. Parallel to it the career of the Roman governor Pontius Pilatus is told, which must maintain ground against political unrests and rebellions of the Zeloten.


was turned the film mainly in Spain. Great window blinds were built and for conditions at that time masses at Statisten populated the set. Critics criticized however the appearance Christi': red-blond and naive, less a Jew before 2000 years.

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