the kingdom in upper Italy , 951

  • the holy Roman realm applies for Kingdom of Italy as Kingdom of Italy attached, come out from the Franconia realm 872, since then realm Italy called
  • the smaller kingdom in northeast Italy, come out from the Cisalpini Republic of Napoleon 1805. Napoleon was 1805-1814 also king of Italy, transferred however the government its adoptive son Eugène de Beauharnais as a viceroy of Italy
  • from the Kingdom of Piemont Sardinien 1861 and until 1946 completely Italy the comprehensive Kingdom of [
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, flag controversy

over the flag of the last kingdom and/or. the present republic argues Italy since 2003. After a reform Prime Minister Berlusconis the colors were redefined by law. Instead of dato green-white-red have green strengthen now one more lindgrüne, white now easily beige and also red a pale nuance. Up to the missing emblem the flag resembles thus again that one of the kingdom, which criticizes above all the left opposition.

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