Kingdom of León

the Kingdom of León was created 913, as itself the Kingdom of Asturien after death Alfons' III. the large one dissolved. Capital was León. It expanded immediately to the south and the east, the again won territories covering with castles. In the following decadesalso Galicien and Asturien were again absobiert, so that the kingdom can be considered as a succession state of the Kingdom of Asturien. Into the 930er years made Ferdinand González the county Burgos independent and called the country Kastilien, after the many castles. It allied itself with the Kalifatof Córdoba against León, until it was stopped 966 by Sancho thickening.

León became 1037 of king Ferdinand I. from Kastilien conquers, which accepted also the title “king of León”. The two kingdoms broke 1195 apart again, as a king Alfons defeats weakened, around 1230 of Ferdinand III. was. finally to be again combined. Since that time the kings of Kastilien called themselves also kings of León and led the red lion in the coat of arms. In united the kingdom Spain became León to a Generalkapitanat, until 1833 the modern province was created.

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