Kingdom of Hungary

the Kingdom of Hungary in 19. Century

the Kingdom of Hungary is the name for the many people kingdom Hungary, which existed from 1001 to 1918. Developed for today's Hungary, the area of filter defiency guarantees (lain in today's Romania), the Slowakei, the Karpatoukraine, Croatia ( except Dalmatien) and some smaller areas in the today's west Hungary and increased its rule range in the future on the area. (See also history of Hungary).

The first king of the kingdom was Stephan I. the holy one from the ruler dynasty of the Árpáden, which 1001 were recognized formally as a king of Hungary, as a Pope Silvester II. the title to it „Apostoli majesty “lent.

In the year 1102 became king Koloman of Hungary by an agreement with the Croatian aristocracy (pacta conventa) in personnel union also king of Croatia. The administration took over Croatian Bane. 1527 selected the Croatian Sabor in Cetingrad „completely freely and without strange influence “ ore duke Ferdinand from having castle to its king.

The dynasty of the Árpáden followed in early 14. Century the sex of the Anjou on the throne, later also the sex of the Jagiellonen and other nichtdynastische rulers came to power. Larger admittingness attained among other things Matthias Corvinus (1458 - 1490). From 1526 on the house was having castle in the possession of the Hungarian and kept these up to the end of the monarchy in the year 1918.

Das Königliche Ungarn und seine Nachbarstaaten im Jahre 1600
The royal Hungary and its neighbour states in the year 1600

after the defeat in the battle with Mohács 1526 and a following civil war lost the Kingdom of the following areas (see map):

remaining the territory remained (to a large extent the today's areas Slowakei, castle country and west Croatia), which the having citizens were subordinate, into royal Hungary one renamed. In fact it became part of the habsburgischen monarchy. After the Zurückdrängung of the Osmani realm on the areas south the Danube and the save around 1700 the former kingdom was restored.

The Hungarian realm half and its organization into Komitate after 1883

1867 developed k.u.k. Monarchy, which became Austrian dominance in the empire by Austrian-Hungarian reconciliation terminated. The entire habsburgische monarchy converted into „the double state Austria Hungary and the rulers was now K more aiser from Austria u lp K önig from Hungary in personnel union. K.u.k. Monarchy existed up to the end of the First World War 1918, as the Hungarian republic was proclaimed and the kingdom stopped existing. In the contract of Trianon of 1920 the government in Budapest of the division of the area of the former Kingdom of Hungary had to agree.

Kingdom of Hungary was also the official (otherwise however not common) designation of the Hungarian State of, that to a large extent the today's Hungary corresponds and of 21. March 1920 up to 21. December 1944 existed. During this time the country was led of realm Weser the Miklós Horthy, to this represented the king deputy (see Truchsess) during the absence of the actual king, therefore the designation „kingdom “.


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