Kitchen boss

as a kitchen boss - boss de Cuisine - one designates the person, who guarantees the operational kitchen enterprise in elevated kitchen enterprises by line of the kitchen brigade. The post bosses, boss de Partie (oldassociate) are subordinated to it, young cooks (Commis de Cuisine) training and auxiliary workers (plate scrubber, kitchen aid). Among the tasks of the kitchen boss rank for example:

  • Personnel operational planning (shift operation, loss planning)
  • bill of fare organization (daily map, regular map)
  • purchase
  • announcement of the table and food sequences (announce)
  • guidance of the coworkers in all kitchen-technical questions

a boss de Cuisine has extensive catering trade knowledge, which it acquired itself over many years and occupation stations. Country dependently kitchen bosses usually lead a nationally recognized kitchen master title.

It subordinated are:

  • Sous boss, also Executive Sous boss; Deputy
  • junior Sous boss
  • boss Tournant (boss de Partie with universal area of application) which
  • the boss de portion (post boss) is on an equal footing
  • Demi boss de Partie (Stellv post boss)
  • Commis de Cuisine (young cook) under it
  • training the respective Lehrjahres

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