of these articles is concerned with television station AI APPROX. For information to the furniture house of the same name, see: Kika (furniture house).
receipt: Satellite, cable & DVB-T
of countries: Germany
entrepreneurial group of: Community program of the pool of broadcasting corporations national broadcasting corporations and Second Channel of German Television
business guide: Program managing director: Franc Beckmann
Erstausstrahlung: 1. January 1997
program type: Section program

The child channel pool of broadcasting corporations/CSecond Channel of German Television
99081 Erfurt
Telephone: (01 80) 2 15 15 14
fax: (01 80) 2 15 15 16

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KI.KA is the name of the child channel of pool of broadcasting corporations and Second Channel of German Television. The transmitter, that its seat in Erfurthas, went for the first time at the 1. January 1997 under the name the child channel on transmission. Target group are all spectators of 3 - to 13 years. The KI.KA is advertising-free as section program of the public broadcasting corporations and offers a target group oriented, various and qualitatively high-quality full program. Trick and material programs havetheir equal place beside series and features, magazines and information programs. The broadcast state contract plans that the KI.KA sends o'clock and 21 o'clock program only in the time between 6.

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Well-known transmissions in the KI.KA

lock Einstein

lock Einstein is a child series and acts of the boarding school life in the building of the same name. It concerns mainly problems of young people into lives, love and school. Production becomes of Askania Media in the TV studios potsdam - Babelsberg accomplished.


logo! a newscast is special for children. The zehnminütige transmission running on workdays treats usually to three current topics completely exactly. This is understandably explained with pictures. In addition there is usually different message, like for example star EMS, amusing thingsand other one as well as at the conclusion of the transmission the weather. After the extension of the AI approx. program there is the transmission twice on the day: over 16:50 and around 19:50. Tuesday to on Fridays there is additionally a repetition of the Vortag around 6:05.

Chili TV

Chili TV is a doll series with Bernd bread, which runs since 2001 in the Saturday morning. At the beginning of only 15 minutes long one extended the transmission in September 2002 to one hour, filled however over half of the transmission with indication trick series. In September 2004 those becameTransmission 25 minutes shortens and contains no more indication trick series. In the doll parts television broadcasts, motion picture films and fairy tales are often parodiert (for example in the star Trek - Parodie USS Bumblebee Bush or the Harry Potter - Parodie Berndi Broter and the box of the disasters). Bernd breadinto the AI cheese fertilizing mad things (since 2000) and Bravo Bernd (since 2003) in addition is to be seen. Beyond that Bernd bread with its friends Chili the Stuntschaf and Briegel the shrubs goes once a year on large summer route through Germany. The Chili TV show is presentedby the moderators Robert beautiful and Marita Hueber.


this transmission runs from Monday to Thursday at 20.00 o'clock. It is moderated by Tanja Mairhofer and Lukas cook. In the transmission many topics are treated, those the spectators end of the latterYearly to suggest could. In addition many famous of star are like e.g. Tokyo hotel, the wild chaps, etc. .


the KIKA KRIMI.DE ONE was turned 2004 for the Kika. Meanwhile there is 4 consequences (taken off, Crash, Brenzlig, only the best), those in each case 45 min.last. The main roles play:Maximilian attachment place (Tom), Lulu Grimm (Mandy), Josef matte (Louis)

the transmission with the mouse

produced the series the transmission with the mouse, by the WDR , is radiated up-to-date (2006) each Sunday around 11:30 clock. The pool of broadcasting corporations radiatesthe transmission likewise, if from current cause no program relocation is made, at the same time in the first program out.

Sundays fairy tale

each Sunday around 12:00 gives it a fairy tale. And here both admitted shown unknown fairy tales. Also for example old GDR - films are shown.

sand male

this over 40 years old child transmission is already shown each day around 18:50. The sand male was already radiated on the television of the GDR. It comes to all children and looks with them the evening greeting. The evening greeting is usually an instructive ormerry 3-Minuten-Geschichte.

The of impulses

The of impulses is a Science Fiction series of New Zealand, which is not radiated to time no more in the KI.KA. It acts of a world without adults. After in the whole world a heavy virus raged, are only the children aliveand must fight also for this. At present it gives five relays.

Willi will's know

Willi in this transmission for children mysteriously occurring scenes, produced for the pool of broadcasting corporations, in Willi will's know visit Helmar Willi Weitzel, called and accompany interesting humans, how Stuntman, veterinary surgeon, Feuerwehrmann etc. with their daily work. „The racing reporter “of the transmission, which everything tries out, frightens also before topics such as hospital, death or prison not back - and explains to children these taboo topics with much feeling.

knowledge makes ah!

Knowledge makes ah! is an halfhour unterhaltsame knowledge transfer for children under presentation of Shary Reeves and Ralph Caspers. Daily completely different things become, both with film cutouts (comparable with those from the transmission with the mouse) and experiments, explained. The transmission becomessince April 2001 produces.

a magazine for book worms with Josefine Preuss is transverseread transverseread. In each transmission, those always Sundays around 20:00 clock runs child and youth books is discussed.


each Friday around 19:25 clock - 20:55Clock sends the Kika a film like e.g. Kika, Kalle Blomquist, etc.

evening indication trick film classical author

of evening before the sand male shows KI.KA indication trick film series of the 70's and 80's-years, like for example Wickie and the strong men, regularly liked , Pinocchio, Heidi or bee Maja, in addition, current series such as Simsalagrimm, Oiski Poiski, the small bar and the small polar bear.


acquaintance knowledge series with TV-cult-moderator Peter Lustig. The row runs at present. Saturday 16:50 - 17:20 clock.



acquaintance AI approx. moderators are at present:

the program one can


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