Coffee (plant)

coffee plant with mature fruits
department: Bloom plants (Magnoliophyta)
class: Dreifurchenpollen-Zweikeimblättrige
Unterklasse: Aster-similar (Asteridae)
order: Enzianartige (Gentianales)
family: Redness plants (Rubiaceae)
kind: Coffee
scientific name
Kinds (selection)

coffee (Coffea) is a kind from the family of the redness plants (Rubiaceae) with six kinds. The most famous among them are the Arabica coffee preferred as plan day plants (C. arabica) and Robusta - coffee (C. canephora), the latters more well-known under that, only as synonym valid, name C. robusta.


in the fruits, the coffee cherries in such a way specified, are as seeds evertwo Kaffeebohnen. They serve coffee as raw material for the hot beverage. In addition the beans are dried in different way, fermentiert (with or without the Fruchtfleisch of the cherry ) and roasted later.

coffee places/origin


it give six kinds in the kind to coffee (Coffea):

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