Dock Wiesinger

dock Wiesinger (* 16. April 1966 in Hanover) is a German actor.

Dock Wiesinger with the premiere of “14 days lifelong”

its talent was recognized and promoted already very early by its parents. As a young person it took private play instruction in Hanover with Günter Kütemeyer. After the civil service as rescue medics it locked the training in Munich .

1992 it had its first role in the TV-series on axle. Its theatre debut gave it 1990 as Harold in the play to Harold and Maude. The moreover one it was active at this time at the Bavarian state play and at the One of rivets conditions prince regent theatre. 1992 played Wiesinger in its first motion picture film, Sönke of word man small sharks, a play pupil. For this role it received the Bavarian film price. A guest appearance in the moved man and the comedy local call followed. it had 1998 with Comedian Harmonists, in which it represented a member of the well-known Sextetts, its to today largest success.

For attention 1999 the film anything did not provide as the truth, in the Wiesinger, embedded into fictitious story, which defence counsel of the KZ-physician Josef Mengele played.


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