Dock one islands

Flagge der Kaimaninseln
Wappen der Kaimaninseln
(Detail) (detail)
Wahlspruch: He hath founded it upon the seas
(English., „it created it on the seas “)
office language English
capital George Town
system of government British overseas territories of the united Kingdom of
head of state Elizabeth II.
Governor Bruce H. Dinwiddy
head of the government briefly Tibbets
surface 262 km ²
number of inhabitants 44,270 (conditions July 2005)
currency dock one dollar (KYD)
time belt UTC -5
national anthem Beloved Isles Cayman
internet TLD .ky
preselection +1,345
Lage der Kaimaninselnin der Welt
Lage der Kaimaninselnin der Karibik

the dock one islands (English: Cayman Iceland) are a Inselgruppe in that Karibik and British overseas territories of the united kingdom.

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your names owethe islands the here living Echsenarten, which one had originally confounded at the beginning with crocodiles. The Inselgruppe consists of the three islands Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and is appropriate for about 750 km south of Miami/Florida and/or. about 300 km northwest from Jamaica. The islands distribute themselves on a surface of approx. 262 km ², whereby Grand Cayman at 198 km takes ² the majority. The summits of submarine mountains, that until Cuba handing Cayman Ridge, form the Inselgruppe.


Grand Cayman live population about 90% of the 44,270 inhabitants on the largest island. The centuries brought a multicolored mixed population out, those very proudly on the harmony under thatInhabitants of different origin is. Habits and habits are still of the first settlers in 18. Century coined/shaped, which came from the British islands.

  • Airports:
    • Owen Robert internationally air haven on the island Grand Cayman (IATA - airport code: GCM)
    • LittleCayman air haven on the island Little Cayman (IATA Flughafencode: LYB)
    • Gerrard Smith air haven on the island Cayman Brac (IATA Flughafencode: CYB)
  • Religion: Christian


after the discovery by Kolumbus to 10. May 1503, as its ships of the intendedCourse, the Inselgruppe after on their living turtles „originally read Tortugas drove off “called. But only in 17. Century the islands, outgoing from Jamaica, were settled. When the large neighbour island became independent, the island inhabitants decided differently: They became Colony of the British crown and kept awarded a governor. Since 1962 the dock one islands have the status of a British crowning colony with internal autonomy.


the dock one islands are called also „Switzerland of the Karibik “, because are here thosemost banks, also the largest Germans, with branches locally; this status is favoured by the here dominant exemption from taxes, which let the capital George Town become the fifth-largest Finanzplatz of the world.

objects of interest

to the objects of interest of the capitalGeorge Town belong among other things the bell tower for king George V., the legislation assembly, the Courts Building, and general post office Office. At the bank promenade the Cayman maritime one and Treasure museum shows most different exhibits. Furthermore are in McKee's museum of treasures from wrecks from that 16./17. To admire century. The Cayman Turtle farm at the Northwest POINT is the only one of their kind with green turtles. In Bodden Town, the earlier capital of the island, lie those Pirate's Caves, an underground Höhlensystem, in in 18. Century Piraten refuge and protection found. The smallest of the islands, Little Cayman, is one of the last unaffected places of the Karibik with one of the largest rock-gardens of the region for pelicans and Kormorane, in addition is it one of the best areas of the western world to salmon fishing rods. Before Cayman Brac lies since 1996 a sunk Russian warship, the renamed mVs Capt. Keith Tibbetts, with 4 cover cannons. It is the only one by dipping courseerkundbare, Russian warship of the western hemisphere.

practical references


European Union citizen do not need a visa for the entry, prescribed are only a still at least six months valid passport.


George Town is thatpreferred place for duty-free Shopping: International luxury goods as well as decoration, into which partially native materials, like black Korallen, are trained, are favorable here to arise. The Juwelier Black Coral, is specialized, as the name already says, in black Korallen.A further speciality of the islands is the Rum cake, which is manufactured by different offerers and in the last years to one of the most successful export articles developed. Even if the dock one islands have their own currency, then nevertheless the US Dollar becomeseverywhere on the islands accepts. The EURO is however unknown and cannot be used not as currencies.

sport and other activities

Grand Cayman are straight because of its reefs admit become. Hundreds of dipping reasons load into the unusualand magnificent underwater world, which is already protected since 1978 by several laws extensively. But when dipping, also with two submarines you cannot only discover the underwater world. In the hotel plants on Grand Cayman become also all other usual water haven possibilitiesoffered, in order to let the vacation become the active vacation. If you should not want to spend the days only with sweet nothing doing, come nevertheless simply to the sumptuous green of the 18-Loch-PGA of golf course. To moving all islands invite, Little Cayman are however with most unaffected nature. For dipping those is completely particularly suitable about 143 kilometers island Cayman Brac, a peaceful, flat island with a 46 meters high cliff, many caves and a spectacular underwater world, distant from Grand Cayman.

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coordinates: 19° 30 ′ N, 80° 30 ′ W


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