Empire of China

the Empire of China /ˈçiːna/developed for 221 v. Chr. under Qín Shǐhuángdì from several small kingdoms during „the time the arguing realms “and lasted over 2,133 years up to proclaiming the Chinese republic by Sun Yatsen and on it the taken placeResignation of the last emperor Pu Yi in the year 1912.

With eventful history and prehistory of the empire and its dynasties the article history of China deals ; the time board China gives a schematic overview.

emperor dynasties

in the course of the history of the Chinese empirethere were different dynasties, which placed the respective emperors. The most important are:

Dynasty name Chinese duration ruler
Qin 秦朝 246 - 207 v. Chr. Emperor list
Han 漢朝 206 v. Chr.- 220 n. Chr. Emperor list
Xin 新朝 9 - 23 (Intermezzo) emperor list
Jin 晉朝 265 -隋朝 581
- 618 emperor list seaweed 唐朝 618
- 907 emperor list Song 宋朝 960
- 1279 emperor list Yuan 元朝 1271
- 1368 emperor list Ming 明朝 1368
- 1644 emperor list Qing 清朝 1644
- 1911 emperor list [work on ]
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