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a calf is the child, boy of a cow, usually thus young cattle of both kinds of sex up to the completion of the first Lebensjahres. There however the termCow quite often also with many other animal species its use finds, for example even a young whale also still another calf is called.

The cattle oh stature is today usually drawn up separately from the nut/mother, because the milk is milked by the farmer and in the dairy too Fresh milk, butter, cheese or other milk products process. The animal-fairer attitude can be against it the common attitude of cows with its calves (nut/mother cow attitude). It one practices usually only if meat production is the center of attention.

The procedure of the birth of a calf is called calving.The language leaves also here fast the stable or the cow pasture and even a splitting glaciers off at its lower end calving is called. Particularly at the sea, in the arctic or Antarctic, but the swimming products of this calving are called then notCalves, but icebergs or Eisschollen.

In the hunter language young animals by the red -, moose - and Damwild are likewise called from the birth to the March in day or at the end of of Decembers of the birth yearly calf.

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