Structural formula
K + Bild:Perchlorat.PNG
name Kaliumperchlorat
other names Perchlorsaures potassium, over-chlorine-sour potassium
sum formula K Cl O 4
CAS number 7778-74-7
short description white powder
mol mass 138.55 g mol
state of aggregation firmly
density 2.52 g/cm ³
melting point 610 °C decomposition >410 °C
boiling point ? °C
steam pressure ? Pa (x °C)
solubility badly fire-promoting to water (17 g/L with 20 °C
of safety references
of Gefahrensymbole
injurious to health
R and S-sentences

of R: 9-22
S: 2-13-22-27

As far as possible and common, SI-UNITs are used. If notdifferently noted, the indicated data apply with standard conditions.

Kaliumperchlorat, chemical formula KClO 4, is a white solid, the potassium salt of the perchloric acid.

Kaliumperchlorat is strong oxidizing and delivers with heating oxygen. Therefore it is fire-promoting andalso in pyrotechnics one uses.

Mixtures of Kaliumperchlorat with phosphorus, sulfur or metallic powders can catch fire at low temperatures. They könnnen possibly. with simple hammer blow violently to the explosion to be brought. Therefore is also with the keepingto make certain from chlorates and Perchloraten that no contamination is in the storage container as present as possible.

However Perchlorate are more stable opposite chlorates (due to the Oxidationstoffe of the chlorine of +VII) and have therefore the chlorates with the use in pyrotechnic mixturesreplaced.

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