Cold country

film data
of German titles: Cold country
original title: North Country
production country: The USA
feature year: 2005
length (PAL - DVD): 126 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: Niki Caro
film script: Michael Seitzman; Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler (book)
production: Nana Greenwald, Jeff Skoll and nod change-over switch
music: Gustavo Santaolalla
camera: Chris Menges
cut: David Coulson

cold country is a film the rain eating urine of New Zealand Niki Caro from the year 2005. The drama be based on the book Class Action of Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler and became and. A. of the Filmstudio Warner Bros. produced. In Germany the film presumably starts to 23. February 2006 in the cinemas.

Table of contents


the USA, in the year 1989: Josey Aimes flees me their children before the abusing of its married man Sean and returns to their hometown, to the north Minnesotas . In the house of its parents it will receive with little sympathy. While nut/mother Alice is pleased about the home coming of the daughter and the two Enkelkinder Sally and Karen and the debt at the failure of the marriage gives unemployment of its Schwiegersohnes, Joseys father locks the eyes before the truth. Hank Aimes holds it for more probable that its attractive daughter, whose children come from two different fathers their married man betrogen has. As an alone-educating nut/mother of two children Josey accepts soon a job as a hairdresser , in order to save money for its own home. But the payment in the hairdresser salon is under Josies expectations, while one can earn so much in the local iron mines six times. Spurred by their old friend Glory, one of the few women itself their living costs under days earned, decides Josey to step into the Fussstapfen of its father and gets likewise work in the Mesabi Iron rank.

Josey is soon one of those, which daily from rock free-blown up iron ore must remove. The work is hard, but the payment is good and the friendships which one in the mines closes, binds families and neighbourhoods together. But the work in the iron mines was dominated long time by men, who do not want to accept in times of high unemployment complainless, women with them around scarce jobs become competes. Josey adjusted itself to the fatiguing and usually also dangerous work, but the daily chicaneries and sexual annoyances of the male teammates to hold, represents still another still much larger challenge stood. Above all Joseys former schoolmate Bobby foresaw it on the young woman. Already soon discovers Josey Sexspielzeug in its Lunch box and the walls of the woman changing room down-appreciating slogans from Exkrementen are also beschmiert. When Josey resists the unfair treatment, she meets a wall of the silence, her female work colleagues just as does not dare to break through as Joseys father, who means, her by her behavior all would make only worse. Also Joseys complaint at their employer does not have desired success and is ignored.

The situation escalated, as Bobby tries to rape Josey during the work . It contacts the local lawyer Bill White, former Hockey - a champion, which recognizes a precedent in the possible complaint. Both convince to listen to a judge Josie and find ready two further women, are because of the work atmosphere beneath human dignity in the mines before court to be complained. The case develops in the USA to the first successful process because of sexual annoyance.

developing history

the film be based draws on the book Class Action of Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler that the case Lois E. Jenson against Eveleth Taconite CO describes. The alone-educating nut/mother Lois Jenson, which was employed in the EVTAC mine in Eveleth, Minnesota, 1984 a complaint wrote it the Minnesota human Rights department, in which on experiences with sexual annoyance and humiliating of its male teammates reported, after the US Government ten years before the steel concerns had forced twenty per cent of their jobs for women and Minderheitengruppen to make available. After evaluation of the case Lois Jenson 11,000 US Dollar remuneration were awarded, which their employer, which should pay Eveleth Taconite of cost. But the enterprise refused the payment and only after fourteen years landed the case Lois E. Jenson against Eveleth Taconite CO, which still two further plaintiffs followed, before an US-American court, which decided to favour of the plaintiffs and which enterprise reprimanded the failure of the male employees to have prevented. The case was the first process in the USA, which took care of the topic of the sexual annoyance on the job. In the further process the plaintiffs 1998 a sum of 3,5 millions became US Dollar awarded, while the process costs of many years the enterprise Eveleth a loss of 15 millions US Dollar gave.

Although the names in Niki Caros film were changed, many of the figures occurring into cold country are based on material existing persons. The turning work found of 14. February to 13. May 2005 instead of. In the US Federal States new Mexico and Minnesota were turned, and. A. also at original scenes in Eveleth, in that itself the case of the Lois Jenson zutrug.


Niki Caros drama celebrated to 12. September 2005 its premiere on the Filmfestival of Toronto. After a further demonstration on the Filmfestival of Chicago, the film started twelve days later, to 21. October 2005 officially in the US-American cinemas. Cold country played a profit of 6,4 millions at the Eröffnungswochende US Dollar and erklomm at first attempt place 5 of US Kinocharts.

Critics lifted above all the schauspielerische achievement out of Charlize Theron and compared the film with works such as Norma Rae (1978) with Sally Field, Mike Nichols ' Silkwood (1983) or Steven Soderberghs Erin Brockovich (2000).


  • of “one of the strongest films of the yearly.” (NBC-TV)
  • “unusual public work” (MSN)
  • “projecting SAM and thoughtfully being correct. An unbelievable film. “ (CNN)
  • “inspiring, honestly, infallible play art, genuinly of the heart coming and absolutely wonderfully. A film of size zollt " (NY Observer)
  • “strong and moving. Niki Caros second film is perfect in jedweder way " (


  • the film, which was led first as unbetiteltes Niki Caro project, under the title Class Action should have originally come into the cinemas.


for golden the Globe and its Gegenveranstaltung, which became Satellite Awards Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand as best actor inside nominated. In same categories received Theron and McDormand the nominating with the BAFTA Awards, the screen Actors Guild Awards and the 78. OSCAR award to 5. March 2006 took place. Here itself Theron and McDormand Reese Witherspoon ( mill the LINE) had and/or. Rachel Weisz (the eternal gardner) struck give.

OSCAR 2006

  • nominates in the categories
    • best Hauptdarstellerin (Charlize Theron)
    • best Nebendarstellerin (Frances McDormand)

BAFTA Award 2006

  • nominates in the categories
    • best Hauptdarstellerin (Charlize Theron)
    • best Nebendarstellerin (Frances McDormand)

golden Globe 2006

  • nominates in the categories
    • best Hauptdarstellerin - drama (Charlize Theron)
    • best Nebendarstellerin (Frances McDormand)


Satellite Awards 2005

  • nominates in the categories
    • best Hauptdarstellerin - drama (Charlize Theron)
    • best Nebendarstellerin - drama (Frances McDormand)

screen Actors Guild Awards 2006

  • nominates in the categories
    • best Hauptdarstellerin (Charlize Theron)
    • best Nebendarstellerin (Frances McDormand)


  • Bingham, Clara; Gansler, Laura Leedy: Class action: The land Mark of Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law. New York: Anchor Books, 2003. - ISBN 0385496133 (English. Expenditure)

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