under Kamarilla (of splinter: camarilla “Kämmerchen”, private cabinet of the king) one understands a favourite party, which exerts influence on the decisions of a ruler without power and responsibility, thus the official government organs not belonged.

Kamarilla around Paul von Hindenburg

The term Kamarilla for the influential advisors of health fastened realm president Paul von Hindenburgs is used by historians of the history of the Weimar Republic (Otto Meissner, Oskar of Hindenburg, Elard of Oldenburg Januschau, Franz of Papen, shortfrom Schleicher, Alfred Hugenberg and causes also August von Mackensen). To be gone around their goal was it article 48 in its entirety to be exhausted and the normal legislative procedure by a Präsidialkabinett. This was clearly a scooping out that Weimar condition andalso a reason for the way into the third realm. In the time of 1930 to 1933 there were three Präsidialkabinette (in each case the Präsidialkanzler were: Heinrich Brüning, Franz of Papen, short from Schleicher), until the Kamarilla finally throughInfluence on Hindenburg Adolf Hitler to power brought.

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