a cameraman or a camera woman is someone, which is responsible to photographs for the picture with cinema - and television -.

If the training at an academy of art takes place, in Germany at the time of successful conclusion the academic degree diploma cameraman/a diploma camera woman (Dipl. - came.) is acquired.

With thatEnglish name “Director OF Photography” (director for photography) the Tätigkeitspektrum of the feature cameraman is comprehensively characterized.

The cameraman is responsible to being clear the set with feature photographs for the picture composition (perspective, screen window), the camera guidance, as well as for . In the apron of the turning work the cameraman develops on the basis the film script with the director ideas for the visualization of the film. In the extreme he transfers to 100% the visual conversion of the material, in the other extreme provides he “only” for the conversion of the ideas of others.

How far the taken up scenes the public become accessible is decided, on average,frequently also by the cameraman one accompanies.

Although it for many years own OSCAR - honor in the category cameraman gives, the occupation remained always little considered in the shade of the attention for actors or film directors. With the German camera price becomes in Germany only since1982 a special honor lent. In addition there is an internationally assigned honor, the Marburger camera price, together since the year 2000 that from the city Marburg, which medium science of the Philipps university is lent to local resident cinema enterprises and the specialist area.

Among the famous camera men the two rankBrothers of Dziga Wertow Michael buyer and Boris buyer, Eduard Tisse, the cameraman of iron stone and in the present e.g. Michael ball house, which worked much with Rainer Werner barrel binder.

Well-known camera women are also the Elfi Mikesch well-known as rain eating urine and Sophie Maintigneux.


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