of these articles treats the city Kano, the capital of the Federal State of the same name in Nigeria. For further meanings see Kano (term clarifying).
Kano im Bundesstaat Kano
Kano in the Federal State Kano

Kano is a city in Nigeria. It is capital of the Federal State of the same name and with 3.626.204 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2005) to of Lagos the second largest city of the country.

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Kano is appropriate for the city Kaduna in the north of the country , northeast. Savannah and quilts prevails forwards. The temperatures vary between 21 degrees Celsius in January and 31 degrees Celsius in April. The precipitation distributes itself particularly on the midyear.


Kano goes on an establishment into 9. Century back. The locality developed in the course of the centuries to a rich city.

In 19. Century consisted half of the inhabitants of the city allegedly of slaves. 1926 were forbidden the slavery.

The recent history of the city and the region is coined/shaped of force between Christian and Muslim subpopulations. The Federal State stands since 2000 under the Scharia. Since that time Kano is considered as a center of the Islamism. Nichtmoslems, like for example Christians, are suppressed systematically and are force and death suspended. Also it comes to driving out.

Besides the region is affected by diseases like the Cholera or brain skin inflammation. In the city it lacks substantial hygiene. It does not exist drains, in many places of the city smells it after Fäkalien. Inoculation accomplished by the WHO were partly boycotted of Islamic clergyman, which stated, the population are by the USA to be made unfruchtbar.

objects of interest

recognizable are the loam remainders of the former Stadtmauer and the Emir palace.


is considered to Kano as economics center of the north of Nigeria, in addition, as to few developed metropolis of Nigeria. The townscape is coined/shaped of slum areas.

Coordinates: 11° 59 ' N 8° 31 ' O


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