Kansas town center (Missouri)

Kansas City: Skyline Juli 2004
Kansas town center: Skyline July 2004

Kansas town center is a city in the Counties Clay, Cass, Jackson and plate in Missouri.

To avoid the city frequently with KCMO shortened, as to the prominent letters of the city name still the post office code for Missouri is hung, in order mistakes with beyond the Federal State border directly bordering, somewhat smaller Kansas town center (Kansas ). The region belongs to the second largest center of dense development Missouri. With 444.387 inhabitants Kansas town center is however the largest city in Missouri. Together with Kansas town center in Kansas is appropriate the population number of the entire densely populated area with 1.809.400

for history

the first settlement by the newcomers in the new world dated only on the year 1831, as members briefly before of the created church Jesu Christi of the holy ones of the last days (“Mormonen “) from Kirtland, Ohio and New York over 20 hectares country in the area of the Paseo and Troost lake bought, in order to build their Zion there. Due to disputes with other settlers the Mormonen was finally driven out 1833 by force from Jackson County. Today however again relatively many of them live in this area.

To supply at the river Missouri at this time also dock established around west haven in Kansas. The so-called. “Town company” bought the country to 1838 around the docks and designated it Town OF Kansas (the name agitated from the Indian trunk of the Kaw or “Kanza” ago) to 28. March 1853 was integrated the town center OF Kansas into the State of Missouri. With the first elections 1853 77 voters were counted with a population by 2.500 inhabitants. 1889 received the city with a population around 60.000 to the names Kansas town center.

During the American civil war was the area strongly contests. To the telegraph network the city was attached 1858, to the railway 1864. The airfield opened 1927.

The later president of the USA, Harry S. Truman, was a judge in Jackson County.

sons and daughters of the city

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coordinates: 39° 6 ′ N, 94° 35 ′ W


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