of these articles describes the musical form of the Kantate. For Sunday Kantate in the church year see to Kantate (Sunday)

the Kantate (lat. cantare, sing) designated in the music a form family of more sowing goats works for singing voices and instrument valley company. Rezitative, Airs, Ariosi, choir-corrode, Choräle and instrumentale pre and intermediate plays can in arbitrary number alternate. Their greatest importance attained the Kantate in the first half 18. Century. There are religious and also lay Kantaten.

Onetypical Kirchenkantate from the time J. S. Brook consists of:

  • Instrument-valley-play (optionally)
  • entrance choir
  • of a freely combinable succession of Rezitativen, airs, Ariosi and Chorälen
  • Schlusschoral

as text basis served Bible texts and/or. Paraphrasen over these as well as free contemporary seal.

A special formis the choir-alkane-done, which the text and usually also the melody Chorals is the basis. Usually the portion is choir-corrodes here more largely than with other Kantaten. Represents the extreme case “by omnes versus” - the Kantate, in thatall Strophen Chorals in the different sentences to be processed.

The solo ones were likewise important - Kantate for only a Singstimme and company by Continuo or orchestras. This form occurred also within the lay range frequently.

Larger forms such as passions and Oratorien are seen in principle only particularly for a long time, much sowing goat Kantaten.


as outrageous and within the church range first disputed innovation applied accompanied Monodie of the early baroque. In 17. Century formed on this basis clergyman the concertout, which also (the Motetten - tradition of the Renaissance following) multipart its and differently occupied sections to exhibit could do. The more textorienterten and formally freer developments Monodie developed to the Rezitativ, the gesanglich lyric to the air. The record sequence marking for the Kantatenfrom unique pieces from each other set off Wolfgang Carl Briegel (1626-1712) developed particularly clearly and spread soon in the entire Central German area in the works of the composer.

Among the most important Kantaten composers of the baroque rank Dietrich Buxtehude, Johann Sebastian brook (see Bachkantate) and George Philipp Telemann, which composed Kantaten predominantly, but not exclusively for the church use.

After a shade existence in the Viennese classical period the Kantate in the music of the romance was isolated again taken up, so by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy „(praise singing) “and other composers of the epoch. The connection of the symphony with elements of the Kantate since Beethovens 9. Symphony led to the development of the Sinfoniekantate.

In 20. Century still some attempts were made, the Kantate in less aufwändiger formto further-pull-put for the church use, which led an edge existence however in view of the enormous historical inheritance.


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