Canton Glarus

canton Glarus
Wappen Kanton Glarus
base data
principal place: Glarus
surface: 685 km ²
(rank 17)
inhabitants: 38 ' 500 (2004)
(rank 23)
population density: 56 Einw. /km ²
(rank 23)
entry to the confederation: 1352
abbreviation: GL
languages: German
Website: Canton Glarus
Karte Kanton Glarus

the canton Glarus a canton is in the east of Switzerland.

German: Glarus; French: Glaris; Italian: Glarona; RA-gate-Omani: Glaruna; English: Glarus .

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spare time 5,2 coats of arms of 6 books 7 Web on the left of [ work on] geography the canton west the Linth to Bilten as well as that Kerenzerberg.

Lage des Kantons

The Glarnerland is one of the steepest alpine valleys. Impressive large differences in height coin/shape its picture. It is open only northward, to the Linthebene. The contrasts reflect themselves in the climate. It changes within fewer kilometers of mild at the whale lake, where a südländische plant world is to be found, to high-alpine on the vergletscherten mountain summits, and the foehn blows by the valley, can temperature records is measured.

685 km ² large canton corresponds for instance to the catchment area of the Linth. The Sernf or small valleyas only side valley place offers village settlements. The clone valley, which is most important western side valley, like Carl Spitteler praises, with its mountain lake “as beautifully, as it no dream guesses”.

Klöntal mit Klöntalersee
Clone valley with clone valley lake

as the most visible interference of humans to the Zähmung that Nature shows up the impressive Linthwerk, which coins/shapes the face of the whole region. The Linthkorrektion is tackled 1807 as the first national work of Switzerland. The Linth is led into the whale lake and their run into the Zurich lake is canalized.Before it, which to discharge of the whale lake ever more back accumulating, the Linthebene sump-end, flowed slowly-acting the Zurich lake too.


the 27 political (to 31. December 2003: 29) Municipalities of the canton Glarus offer scarcely 40,000 persons homeland. ThatValley soil is clearly settled over 400 inhabitants for each square kilometer strongly with. The foreigner portion amounts to about 20 per cent. 42 per cent of the inhabitants profess themselves to Evangelist-reformed and approximately 37 per cent to the Roman-catholic denomination.

The Glarner dialect is not uniformly, together howeverthe glarnerischen Idiomen the melody eye is, singing language.

Very early confronted with the changing runs by industrialization and trade, and maintain many Glarnerinnen and Glarner maintained world-wide, various relations.


83.6% German and 6.8% italienischsprachig

to history

see history of the canton Glarus.

municipalities of the canton

Glarus in the canton Glarus

there are cities and places no cities (number of inhabitants at least. 10'000). Municipalities over 1 of ' 000 inhabitants are:

see also: No organization into districts

of the canton

Glarus [work on] of districts the canton Glarus.


training and spare time

the educational system of the canton Glarus is well developed:Kindergarten, elementary school (partial introduction classes, separating and auxiliary school) with the upper stage courses upper, material and secondary level school; besides there is the work year, freiwillige 10. School year, the house-economical yearly course and the integration class.Teacher association teacher Glarus all Glarnerschulen Glarnerschulen Wiki

at the canton school Glarusthe Swiss Maturität can be attained and the specialized middle school be visited. Also people university courses take place.

In brick bridge a commercial vocational school is led, in Glarus that of the commercial occupations and the care school. In the canton about 130 can in approximately 400 training enterprisesOccupations to be learned.

The rich offers of national archives and above all the modern federal state library serve not only the education-hungry, but also historically and culturally interested or simply the reading, hearing and Sehvergnügen.

The cultural life is versatile. Glarus possesses inrenowned, as such established art gallery. Also the far-well-known gallery Tschudi in Glarus and different private galleries show again and again worth seeing from the range of the representing arts, which by numerous artists and artists in the canton are exercised.

The music week brown forest is the most steeped in tradition such meeting in completely Europe. She loads the participation not only for listening, but also to the active Mittun in. The school of music Glarus contributes, as well as numerous associations and groups, to the rich music life.

The Glarner concert and theatre companybrings in the winter term well-known musicians and stages in the Glarnerland, while in the culture and association center getting stone Glarus above all alternative culture is lived.

In the sporty range the offer is just as various by different sports centers and the close mountains and lakes loadsto spending the spare time in meaningful and enriching way. Not in vain the first SAC hut of Switzerland in the canton Glarus, was provided at the Tödi, and stood the cradle of the Swiss Skisports in the Glarnerland.

coats of arms

The Glarner coat of arms shows humans as only canton coat of arms of Switzerland: the holy Fridolin with moving staff and Bible.

After the legend Fridolin was an Irish faith messenger, at the beginning of 6. Century lived and by its influence the inhabitants of the GlarnerlandesChristians had become. In church representations it is accompanied by a skeleton. The legend reported, Fridolin, which got large parts of the Glarnerlandes given by the dying, rich Ursus, has this in inherit-ridden with its brother the Landolf from the grave overAssistance gotten. Landolf was shamed, when he saw the brother before court, already changed over in decay, appearing, darob so frightened and that he gave Fridolin also its part of the Glarnerlandes. In this kind became the affiliation of the Glarnerlandes tofrom Fridolin created monastery Säckingen (in today's Germany) explains, and is considered to Fridolin as a protection patron before Erbschleicherei.


  • “the Glarnerland -”, Josef Schwitter/Urs army, 2000, shorthaven-guesses/advises publishing house Baeschlin Glarus, ISBN 3-85546-112-0

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