Kapitol (Washington)

Kapitol in Washington
dome of the Kapitols at night
a newer admission of the Capitols in Washington D.C.

As Kapitol the seat of the US-American legislation in Washington becomes D.C. designated. In it meetings of the senate and the house of representatives take place . The designation Kapitol is derived from the most important seven hills of Rome, the Kapitolini hill. Transferred in the time of the classicism its name to other buildings, among other things also to the seat of the US-American parliament.


was built the Kapitol at the Potomac River. Thomas Jefferson had to make the conception initially a draft for the Kapitol. Since this was however not with the office of the Minister, whom he had, compatible, a competition was written out. Also the amateur architect Pierre l won these `Enfant. Its draft leaned to the French classicism 18. Century on and two wings planned, which were separated by a Mitteltrakt with a flat dome.

After the Grundsteinlegung to 18. September 1793 turned out for Thornton fast with the architects accompanying it in its task of building together, so that meanwhile James Hoban (1762 - 1831 ), the assigned the building of the president house, the construction supervision for the Kapitol took over.

 Zeichnung des Kapitols um 1800
Design of the Kapitols around 1800

in the year 1800 was finished placed and inaugurated the north wing. Despite the assumption of the construction supervision by James Hoban originally became from Dr. William Thornton planned front in the two Seitentrakten implemented. 1803 became Henry Latrobe director/conductor of these buildings in Washington. But by continuous difficulties due to of shortness of material the building preceded expert workers only sluggishly. Briefly before its completion the Kapitol was 1812 in the war by English troops into fire and burned up to the external walls of the north wing completely down. Only 1815 returned Henry Latrobe to Washington and had the possibility the interiors and the Mitteltrakt in the course of reconstruction to arrange completely new. After its plans the interiors extremely klassizistisch and for the Mitteltrakt were arranged planned he a rotunda as well as a flat dome, which should be implemented against Thorntons plans from bricked stones and not from wood.

Capitol im Jahre 1846
Capitol in the year 1846

for the execution of the Mitteltrakts under Latrobe and after its plans however never came it, since smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Bulfinch was assigned 1817 the continuation of the task of building. This changed the plans again, since he was course-bent more the traditional classicism and a classically high dome left to establish. Through this interference into the original planning of Latrobe the balance of the solidium was lost. 1830 left Bulfinch the city, the Kapitol were first posed. In the course of the years following on it the United States at size and meaning won, whereby also the Kapitol at a representative character won. In order to become fair this new task, 1851 were written out again a competition, from Thomas And. Walter with three other competitors than winners came out. Bulfinchs style proved more suitably for close cities, let the Kapitol in the width however rather lost work. In order to work against this, the building pulled by the new long extension wing into the length got a new dome enormous of extent. By these measures walter expected the klassizistische balance to repair to be able. The new extension wing is determined by columns, orients themselves otherwise however at Thorntons basic draft, from which however only the heavy circulating balustrade remained remaining as original element. The again won balance is reflected in the interaction of the rustikalen base projectile and the zweigeschossigen column row again. The domed structure with these extents was quite 1851 a technical venture, since for the first time cast iron was used for the building of such a large dome. The building became as a whole seen compared with 1790 a monumental building.

Coordinates: 38° 53 ′ 23 " N, 77° 0 ′ 34 " W


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