Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar (* 16. April 1947 in New York, NY, the USA; as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor) is a former US-American basketball player. It is considered as one of the largest personalities in the history of this sport. Between 1969 and 1989 he playedin the US professional league NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. It is 2.18 m largely and played on the position centers.

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youth and Highschool ('61 '65)

Kareem Abdul Jabbar became as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor junior 1947 as a son of Lew SR. and Cora Alcindor in the Sydenham hospital in Harlem, New York born. Already in the age from nine years was it 1.72 m largely. In the respected class it measured already 2.04 m and created easy a Dunking. Highschool - its talent was noticeable to coaches in completely New York, and so it got scholarships offered by private Highschools. It decided 1961 for the powerMemorial Academy.

Already in its first year Alcindor ranked among the best players of the city New York rich at basketball talent. In the season 61/62 it met with its team the Linton Highschool from Schenectady, New York. Power Memorial lost with 68-74, andbest player of the opponents was a certain Pat Riley, which should become later once Alcindors coach with the Lakers. As Sophomore Alcindor enjoyed almost country-wide admittingness. After one season with 19 points and 18 Rebounds per play Alcindor became in the universe American team parade magazineappointed, as first Sophomore at all.

Sovereign won power Memorial owing to Alcindor the State Championship of New York 1962. In the year after the crew remained ungeschlagen further, and Alcindor reached the popularity of a NBA player. With a tournament on the New Yorker Rucker park it met Wilt Chamberlain, and both became close friends. Power Memorial won the State Championship of 1963 without problems under its also.

In January 1965 power Memorial had won already 71 plays in series. The last defeat was past over two years. There one met to 31. January 1965 in the Cole Field House of the University OF Maryland on the DeMatha Highschool, and which happened unbelievable ones: Power Memorial was subject with 43-46. The portion, which filled country-wide title pages, is considered to many as the largest play in the history of the Highschool of basketball. DeMathas coach, Morgan Wootten, in resound to OF Fame of the basketball later appointed.

Despite the defeat against DeMatha power Memorial won also the State Championship of 1965. Subsequently, Alcindor under hundreds of offered scholarships selected a college . It decided for the University OF Californiain Los Angeles (UCLA), after it a former star player the University of (Jackie Robinson) for it asked several times, and after an attendance on the Campus, with which Alcindor was fascinated particularly by coach John Wooden. Alcindor terminated its Highschool career with altogether 2 ' 067 points and 2 ' 002 Rebounds(both New York records). It applies beside LeBron James as the best Highschool Basketballspieler of all times.

college ('65 '69)

at the time, when Alcindor began with UCLA, was not permitted to college Freshmen it, for the university Universities of (English.To play Varsity). Alcindor played therefore inthe season 65/66 in the so-called. “Junior Varsity” (JV, too German for instance youth selection). In a play of the JV against the “genuine” crew of the UCLA the team of Alcindor surprising with 75 to 60, and that won completely, because UCLA was at that time acting college master.

Offthe second year played Alcindor for the “correct” crew of the UCLA. The team, which unite as the best in the history of the college basketball applies, remained ungeschlagen the entire year and won sovereign the championship, while Alcindor was selected to the best player of the country. The NCAAan all too large dominance of the center Alcindor was afraid, and forbade to 1967 the Dunking in the play. Alcindor however made a virtue from the emergency and was suitable a new throw technology on, the “hook throw “(English. hook SHOT). This throw is by the high movementthe arm to prevent only very with difficulty and a reason for Alcindors was dominance in the subsequent years.

In the following year had the UCLA however a strong competitor, the University OF Houston, with its star player Elvin Hayes. To 20. January 1968 met both (tothere ungeschlagene) teams in also over 52 ' 000 spectators sold off Houston of astrodomes one on the other. The play was transferred live in the TV, for the first time in the history of the college basketball. Alcindor, which went with an injury into the play, could to be supported its crew not as used and obtainedonly 15 points. Propelled of a shining playing Elvin Hayes (39 points, 15 Rebounds) won Houston 71-69.

In the NCAA Tournament Houston was subject however early, and so UCLA won the championship again. The title of the best player went 1968 however at Elvin Hayes, to that after the seasoninto the NBA changed. In its last season, 1968/69, were Alcindor again competitionless number 1 in the college basketball, and so the UCLA won the third title. Alcindor terminated its career with 2 ' 325 obtained points as best throwers in the history of the UCLA.

NBA ('69 '89)

as large price in the Draft of 1969 starts Alcindor its professional career. The question, to which team it would change, decided between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks. The decision brought a Münzwurf, at that time instead of the today usual Draft Lottery was organized. Winners were well-known-measured the Bucks. But Alcindors was not still NBA career in dry cloths. The competition league ABA had repealed set the Draftregeln for 1969 and had awarded , there the New York Nets the rights at Alcindor Alcindors desire to return to the hometown,admits was. Alcindor asked both teams to submit contract offers and decided afterwards for the more lucrative offer from Milwaukee.

Already Alcindors Rookie season very successfully ran; with one cut of 28,8 points and 14.5 Rebounds per play he was distinguished to the Rookie of the yearly. 1970 got thoseBucks OSCAR Robertson, an obligation soon to make itself paid should. Because in the season 70/71 Alcindor increased again, and straight 24 years to the MVP of the NBA was also selected. Into the Playoffs Alcindors Bucks struck (at that time still in the Western Conference) the Lakers with Jerry west and Wilt Chamberlain, as well as the previous year champion played, the New York of break.

In the subsequent years Alcindors remained constantly first-class achievements, but a renewed title gain with Milwaukee did not succeed. Alcindor, that meanwhile to the Islam was converted and its names in Kareem Abdul Jabbar had changed, was, and required 1975 a change disappointed. The Bucks consented and sounded out the offers for their star centers. Abdul Jabbar hoped for an offer the New York of break. These showed however no interest, and so it changed for Los Angeles the Lakers to.

Both '76 and '77 Abdul Jabbar was selected to the MVP, but a Meistertitel to win did not succeed to him also with the Lakers long time. That changed, when 1979 a young structure player came named Earvin “Magic” Johnson to the Lakers. With it as kongenialen partnerfrom Abdul Jabbar the Lakers created the first final introduction for eight years. In the final one met Philadelphia 76ers with Julius Erving, and won with 4:2.

Still until 1986 Abdul Jabbar remained the most important player of the Lakers, then its high age tribute required. With thatChampionships from '87 and '88 Magic Johnson had become the most important player. In its last season, 88/89 were selected Abdul Jabbar with 41 years again in all star the Game, as oldest players at all. After Finals of '89 Kareem Abdul Jabbar terminated against Detroit Pistons lostits career.

The list it lent honors is the fame-richest all NBA players: Six times NBA masters, six times MVP of the regular season, ten times Universe NBA ROOFRIDGE team, five times Universe NBA DEFENSIVE ROOFRIDGE team, 19-mal all star team. As it its career terminated stood it at the exclusive point of nine NBA statistics: most points at all(38.387), played seasons (20), points in the Playoffs obtained (5762), appointment as the MVP (6 times), played minutes (57.446), completed plays at all (1560), throws and obtained hit (15,837 of 28.307) tried, and blocked shots (3.189)


apart from its great sportsman career ensured Alcindor alsobeside the place for discussion material. Although it already was famous at its college time and furnished outstanding achievements in the college crew, it concerned itself extensively with history, particularly with the younger US-American and that of the jazz.

It wrote several books and had in some filmsGuest appearances - the most well-known probably 1980 in the film the unbelievable journey in a moved airplane (airplane!). As a pupil of Bruce Lee it played the play of death (English with him in the last, unfinished film:Game OF Death) (1973/78) also. There was it its last opponent in a 5-stöckigen Pagode. Also to see as pixel version in the computer game Kung Fu master.

Also in religious questions it was very much interested. he did to 1968 without the participation in the olympic plays, over against the discrimination of black ones in the USAto protest. Its name it changed from Lewis Alcindor to Kareem Abdul Jabbar and withdrew from the catholic church , in order to become creditor Muslim. Its large model, then he often said, is Malcolm X.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is considered as one the most successful and most well-known Basketballer(particularly with Los Angeles the Lakers) of all times. It serves many colored ones also as model, because it received also many prices for its books and its commitment outside of the sport.

In September 2005 that already turned 58-jährige Alcindor to Los AngelesLakers as Assistenztrainer beside Phil Jackson back. Before it it was already 1999/2000 with Los Angeles the Clippers as a coach assistant and with the New York of break as Scout actively.


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