Karel Anděl

Karel Anděl (* 28. December 1884; † 17. March 1948 in Prague), was Czech Selenograph and joint founder of the Czech ones astronomical society (ČAS Česká astronomická společnost).


Karel Anděl was originally a teacher, who dedicated himself in its spare time to the astronomy. Its attention applied thereby for the moon which it observed and cartography ores. It belonged before the Second World War to the important Czech astronomers with world-wide reputation. In its honours 1935 were designated by the IAU (international astronomical union) on to earthturn the side of the moon a Krater with a diameter from 35 kilometers to it (Krater Andel coordinates: 10° 24 ' S/12° 24 ' O). Nearby this Kraters the crew of the Apollo 16 mission landed.


1926 its work Mappa Selenographica appeared. see also portal: Tschechien list of Czech astronomers


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