Karen Lancaume

Karen Lancaume (* 19. January 1973 close Lyon; † 28. January 2005 in Paris; also Karen Lancoume, Karen Lacoume, Karen Lancom, Carene Lancome, actually Karen brook) was a French actress.

Karen buildup in close proximity to Lyon. It made Abitur and left the parents' house in order to visit an advertising technical school. She married a disc jockey with name Franck, with which her together 1996 her first Porno - film turned. The marriage failed later, however it remained active under the alias fishing rod Paris in the industry.

Under the alias Karen brook became known it with the scandal film “Baise moi “, which showed the way of two murder that women by France, also outside of the Porno scene. It played there together with Raffaella Anderson one a revenge angel.

To 28. January 2005 committed Karen Lancaume in of Paris suicide.

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