Karin grass yard

Dr. Karin grass yard (* 25. June 1937 in Kiel) was Richterin at the Federal Constitutional Court.

Grass yard studied first in Kiel and Lausanne jurisprudence and was active as Richterin at the regional court in Kiel and Bonn. 1984 were selected it to the Richterin at the Federal High Court in Karlsruhe. Two years later, 1986, it became Richterin of the Federal Constitutional Court than member of the second senate, in which its department covered among other things right to vote and choice test procedure. Their term of office ended after 12 years in October 1998. Successor on its permanent post at the Federal Constitutional Court became Lerke Osterloh.


  • the written constitutional state. Commemorative volume for Karin grass yard. C.F. Mueller publishing house, o.O. 1998, ISBN 3811491989

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