Karin Krog

Karin Krog (* 15. May 1935 in Oslo) is Norwegian jazz - a singer.

Krogs career began in the Penguin club in Oslo, where she was discovered 1955 by Kjell Karlsen, it as a singer for its Sextett engaged. In the next year first broadcast appearances followed. 1957 arose it in the Humlen restaurant in Oslo with the old saxophonists Mikkel Flagstad and the pianist Einar Iversen . 1959 were selected it with an inquiry of the magazine Verdensrevyen to the jazz singer of the yearly.

Since beginning of the 1960er yearly it led own of volume, besides it worked with the Quintett of Frode Thingnæs, the Trio of the pianist Egil Kapstad and from 1962 to 1968 with Anne Brown, the first Bess in Gershwins Porgy and Bess. Its first LP Metropol jazz appeared 1963, its first solo album By Myself 1964.

1965 belonged to Krog to the founders of the Norsk jazz forum, whose first chief was it. It arose to Enemies with own quartets and Quintetten, sang with a group under Egil Kapstad, took up two Singles with the Rhythm and Blues - volume publicly and brought 1966 out its second LP jazz of moment with January Garbarek, Kenny Drew, Nile Henning Ørsted Pedersen and Jon Christensen .

After attendance in Warsaw and Prague it arose 1967 with Don Ellis and Clare Fischer in the USA , where it was distinguished by the jazz magazine down Beat as a best new generation singer. 1968 arose it with the festival of Montreaux , it followed a European and a Japan tour. 1970 - 71 it was again in the USA.

During the 1970er it stepped years particularly into duo and Triobesetzungen among other things with Dexter Gordon, archie Shepp, John Surman, talk Mitchell, warn march, Bengt resounding mountain and Nile Lindberg up. With the concert program Synthesis tourte it with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Rodney Bennet by Norway and Great Britain. 1975 appointed it the European jazz Federation the jazz singer of the yearly. Also in the following years it arose world-wide with Jazzfestivals.

1987 created Krog the own disk company Meantime record. Into the 1990er years excited it attention with appearances together with John Surman with church concerts, 1996 in the cathedral of Salisbury and 1998 with the Oslo Jazzfestival in the Domkerken. Besides it took among other things modern dance music with Carolyn Carlson and Lario Ekson up.

To their dreissigjährigen anniversary as a solo singer 1994 appeared the double CD Jubilee, 2001 appeared the collection Karin's Voyage, 2002 Raindrops, Raindrops in the Remix of Mathew harsh ore. In the same year it took up the CD Where flamingo Fly with the guitarist Jacob Young , 2003 followed Where you RK with the Steve boldly Trio.

2005 became it by king Harald V. with the sink Olavs medal of first class excellently.

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