Karl ago man flat

Karl ago man flat (* 17. October 1929 in king mountain; † 25. August 1973 in Frankfurt/Main) was a well-known journalist and important liberals politicians, first in the LDPD, then in the FDP.

1946 stepped flat into the LDP (laterLDPD).1948 - 1949 he worked as an unsalaried employee, later than political editor at the LDP newspaper “north German newspaper” in Schwerin. 1949 he was selected into the LDP regional-level party council Mecklenburgs. In October 1949 escape from the GDR to West Berlin. There it occurred the FDP.

1949 - 1953 studied flat political science at the German university for politics (late petrol Suhr institute) with diploma conclusion. 1954 - 1956 he worked as economics and sociopolitical editor in Frankfurt/Main and in Bonn.

1956 stepped flat as a coworker into the FDP federal office intoBonn and became in the election to the Bundestag fight 1957 the closest coworker of the election campaign leader Wolfgang DO ring. 1959 - 1962 were flat Federal business manager of the FDP and election campaign leader in the election to the Bundestag fight 1961 under the chairman of the party Erich Mende.

1962 he withdrew from the policy and stepped themselves asEditor in “Frankfurter Rundschau”, first as department leaders for home policy. It was last acting member of the editorship line and attorney of the pressure and publishing house house.

1971 return to the policy and choice to the Secretary-General of the FDP under the chairman of the party walter cross-eyed. 1972 became Karl ago man flatinto the German Bundestag selected and deputy chairmen the FDP became Bundestag faction.

1971 published flat its book “still another chance for the liberals”, in whom he a much-considered theory of a modern liberalism in demarcation and. A. to socialist society theories defined. Likewise he compiled togetherwith walter cross-eyed and Werner Maihofer the free citizens theses of the FDP. For the fifties it sat down against the so-called. “Citizen block mentality” of its party and for an opening of the FDP to the employees. He became one the Wegbereiter of the social liberals coalition 1969.

For its journalistic work with “Frankfurter Rundschau” flat was distinguished several times.

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