Karl Brandt

Karl Brandt (* 8. January 1904 in Mülhausen (Elsass); † 2. June 1948 in Landsberg at the Lech, executed) was surgical Begleitarzt of Adolf Hitler. SS-Brigadeführer and lieutenant general of the weapon SS, and general commissioner for the medical and health service he was the highest-ranking one under the accused during the process against the medical profession in the context of the Nürnberger physician process.

Karl Brandt


Karl Brandt was born 1904 as a son of an officer. Abitur in Dresden. it begins 1922 in Jena to study then Freiburg and Berlin medicine. It occurred January 1932 the NSDAP , entry the SA 1933, crossing to the SS. 1933 it treats the Hitler aide William Brückner according to a car accident. This must have praised it opposite Hitler. To 14. June 1934 it becomes Hitler Begleitarzt, to 29. July 1934 SS-Untersturmführer. Brandt was married with a record swimmer (Anni deer fount), Hitler already for the twenties knew. Starting from that 1. It organizes September 1939 together with Philipp Bouhler the killings of the action T4 in the context of the so-called euthanasia in Hadamar, lock count-hits a corner, lock hard home, sun stone, Berne castle as well as in Brandenburg.

To 28. July 1942 he is appointed the Generalkommisar for the medical and health service. In this function it provides for the co-ordination between civilian and military health service. He knew from some medical people attempts in the KZs. It, those promoted attempts to the malaria to the hepatitis A energized it. To 5. September 1943 it becomes by decree of Hitler the director/conductor entire medical supply and Versorgungswesen and co-ordinator of the medical research. The realm physician leader Conti considered his resignation to submit, since Brandt had overhauled him in his authority. Hitler rejected this. Its relations with Speer made boron man for it the enemy.

Karl Brandt during the pronouncement of judgement in the Nürnberger physician process

in a plot around Hitler's body physician Theo Morell became Brandt first as Begleitarzt to dismiss, to 16. April 1945 arrested and some days later of Hitler to death condemns. Himmler retarded its execution. It was freed under switching Albert Speers. Allied troops arrested it together with the remainders of the government Karl Dönitz in Flensburg.

In the context of the Nürnberger of physician process he was accused, condemned and executed to death.


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