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Karl Johannes Nepomuk Josef Norbert Friedrich Antonius Wratislaw Mena of Schwarzenberg, (* 10. December 1937 in Prague) is head of the house Schwarzenberg, the former chancellor of the Czech president Václav Havel and senator. In Tschechien it uses the civil name Karel Schwarzenberg.

Karl Johannes is married with Therese countess of Hardegg, the pair has three children. It is forest and restaurant operator/barkeeper and has its domicile alternatively in Switzerland, in its master lock Schwarzenberg in illusory field, in the castle Orlík nad Vltavou in Böhmen, in Prague or in the palace Schwarzenberg in Vienna. It calls itself as a Central European with Swiss passport.


work on] history

of the family Schwarzenberg the origins of the family Schwarzenberg to in. Century back. Since then those played Schwarzenberg an important role in the history of Europe. Originally originating from illusory field, the members of the house in the course of the centuries went to Austria and Böhmen, where they administer today still substantial properties.

1948 had to flee parents from Böhmen, where they possessed 11 locks and 30,000 hectares country until 1947.


Heinrich, head of the house Schwarzenberg, adopted Karl Johannes. Karl of Schwarzenberg made his Matura for 1957 in Vienna. Afterwards it began a study of the forest and jurisprudence, did not lock these studies however not. 1979 it began the inheritance of its uncle Joseph, became patron of the house Schwarzenberg and combined in his person the two lines of the house.

1984 he is selected to the president of the international Helsinki federation for human rights.

In Prague it publishes the right liberal weekly newspaper „respect “.


the Forstwirt supported promptly the resistance in Czechoslovakia against the stalinistische rule. In particular after striking down the “Prager of spring” it supported the oppositionals with the whole weight of its name. With the later president Havel it is today still in a friendly manner connected.

After the political turn and the assumption of the office for president in Czechoslovakia by Václav Havel Schwarzenberg became to 10. July 1990 its chancellors.

From Schwarzenberg 1989 with Lech Wałęsa received the human right price of the Council of Europe.

It is member of the price committee of the Adalbert donation Krefeld, which lend the international Adalbert price.

In November 2004 he was selected in Prague (quarter Prague 6) for 6 years into the Czech senate (nominated of US-DEU). It is member of the small liberals a party ODA.


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