Karl Friedrich of Rumohr

Friedrich Nerly: Portrait Karl Friedrich of Rumohr, around 1823-1827

Karl Friedrich of Rumohr (* 6. January 1785 in Reinhardtsgrimma with Dresden; † 25. July 1843 in Breslau) was a far-traveled German art historian, writer and a Gastrosoph.

Rumohr applies by its collection of texts Italian research (three volumes, 1827-1831) as a joint founder of the pour-critical art historiography.

Rumohr was among other things active as buyers for the paintings of the again created Prussian museums in Berlin a profunder connoisseur and critic of Italian art and. He was paternal friend and promoter of a set of painters, in particular the Nazarenern in Rome.

it put 1813 with its essay Altertümer transalbingischen Saxonia the basis for the preservation of medieval art treasures in Schleswig-Holstein and Luebeck.

1834 were appointed Rumohr the Danish chamber gentleman.

It published 1832 the book spirit of the cook art of Joseph king, a gastrosophische writing, under the name of its body cook, which superior some critics consider even to the famous work the physiology of the taste of Brillat Savarin.

Karl Friedrich of Rumohr argued therein with different cook techniques, food and their use. In addition it wanted to encourage with its book the German housewives to maintain the traditional unpretentious German kitchen. Thus it wrote for example over soups:

„In a large part of Europe the Brühen are used as hors-d'oeuvres. One gives them by bread cuts, flour fruits, paste-like substances, vegetables; chopped or cut open meat and by all kinds of artificial compositions on most diverse that tightness; of them it require, in order to overfill the stomach not directly with the beginning the meal with liquids. Meanwhile one is foamed by no still so artificial additive per the errors of a bad beef-tea to good-make to be able, a beef-tea, which do not keep due in the boiling, not attentively and gesalzen is, or into which the smoke struck, or in which the herbs and roots by to long cooking the best taste to have evaporated, at any time a flat and bad taste keep, what one may put also possibly. “

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