Karl Geiler

Karl Geiler (* 10. August 1878 in Schönau (desert forest); † 14. September 1953 in Heidelberg) was first, however not selected, but of the allied occupation troops used Prime Minister of Hessen (of 12. October 1945 to 20. December 1946).

Into its term of office the first free local elections fall to 20. January 1946, the choice of the condition-advisory state meeting to 30. June 1946 and the tuning over the condition as well as the choice of the first hessian federal state parliament at the 1. December 1946.

Professor Geiler, who has first hessian Prime Minister, the Entnazifizierung, how she was put on, when the heaviest misfortune designates, which could meet the German democracy. Dombois notices for this: „If one half of the people the other one to arrange and thus at the same time one half of the mental and political tradition to out-erase tried, must necessarily miss political jurisdiction their entitled purpose; such an enterprise is an indication of the political schizophrenia. Party-political glare of the Germans and power-politics interest of crew powers thereby cooperated fatally.”

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