Karl Goldmark

Karl Goldmark (* 18. May 1830 in Keszthely; † 2. January 1915 in Vienna) was a composer, a music teacher and a Violinist.


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[ work on ] biography in Hungary at the age from four years to Deutschkreutz in the castle country and buildup in ärmlichen conditions in its German-Jewish family. It took playing the violin instruction, worked as a violonist in desert castle and Vienna, and turned to the composition finally. As an autodidact it created 1865 with the Sakuntala Ouvertüre the break-through. Its most well-known work is the 1875 uraufgeführte opera the queen of Saba. Its musical examples were Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann and later also smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner.

The composer ruby Goldmark is its nephew.

Apart from symphonies, orchestra works, chamber music, choir works and songs he composed a set of operas.

list of works



  • Sakuntala (1865), OI. 13; first large success
  • in spring, Ouverture for orchestra, op.36
  • the bound Prometheus, OI. 38
  • in Italy, OI. 49


  • symphony OI. 26 “rural wedding”
  • symphony No. 2 in E flat major op.35

of orchestra works

  • concert for violin and orchestra No. 1 A-moll, OI. 28

choir works

  • rain song, Op.10
  • of two pieces for gentleman Mr., Op.14
  • spring net for gentleman choir, 4 horns and piano, Op.15
  • sea silence and lucky travel for gentleman choir and horns, Op.16
  • of two pieces for gentleman Mr., Op.17
  • Frühlingshymne for alto, choir and orchestra, Op.23
  • in the Fuschertal, six choir singing, Op.24
  • Psalm CXIII for solo voices, choir and orchestra, Op.40
  • of two pieces for gentleman Mr., Op.41
  • two vierstimmige singing with piano, Op.42

of works for violin and piano

  • Suite for violin and piano op.11 D major
  • Suite for violin and piano op.43 E flat major
  • Sonate for violin and piano op.25
  • Ballade for violin and piano op.54
  • romance for violin and piano
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Works for piano

  • storm and urge, Op.5
  • of three pieces for piano duo, Op.12
  • of two dances for piano duo, Op.22 (later orchestriert by the composer)
  • two Novelletten, Op.29
  • of six pieces for piano, Op.52


  • from my life (1922)

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