Karl Hamann

Karl Hamann (* 4. March 1903 in Hildesheim, † 16. June 1973 in Munich) was from 1948 to 1951 of chairmen of the LDPD and Ministers for trade and supply of the GDR.


Hamann studied 1922 - 1927 agrarian science in high home, Bonn and Berlin, was director/conductor of the labour offices in swords, horde/hurdle and Dortmund and a land settlement association in Thuringia, attained a doctorate 1933 to the Dr. agr. and lived since 1935 as an independent farmer in Thuringia.

1945 became Hamann joint founder of the liberal-democratic party in Thuringia, were to 1952 their regional chairmen. it was confirmed to 1948 chairmen of the LDPD , 1949 together with Hermann Kastner in its office. 1946 - 1950 was it delegates of the Thüringer of federal state parliament, starting from 1949 also delegate of the people chamber and Minister for trade and supply.

In December 1952 Hamann was relieved arrested, because he had sabotaged the regular supply of the population, of its functions and excluded from the LDPD. He was condemned in July 1954 to ten years penintentiary, begnadigt in October 1956 and from the detention to dismiss. In May 1957 it fled into the FRG.

In May 1990 it became from the successor organization of the LDPD, which federation rehabilitates suitor democrat and in August 1991 of the regional court Berlin legally. The FDP - close Karl Hamann donation for political education in the country Brandenburg was designated after it.

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