Karl Harder

Karl Harder (* 15. August 1903 in meals; † 10. June 1978) was an important German composer in chess.


Harder learned the game of chess in the self-instruction with 14 years. 1924 it joined the German worker chess federation . It predominantly concerned itself with tasks of chess and composed such dearest to the motive for meeting place, which to the composer Arthur Klinke decreases/goes back.

1926 he took part in the Fide Weltturnier for Dreizüger. Here it won the 1.Preis.

Matt in 3 courses

accompanying this price-crowned problem.

Solution: 1.Da4!
1. - Td4 2.De8 Sg7 3.Sxd4 matt
1. - Ld4 2.Dc2 Sd6 3.Sxd4 matt
1. - Sd4 2.Tg4 Tg7 3.Sxd4 matt

in all variants is arranged the Sf5 to pulling away, according to which Sxd4 sets matt.

From 1930 to 1933 Harder was responsible for the chess corner in the Ruhr echo. Afterwards it inserted a break. Only after 1970 he dedicated himself again to the chess composition. Altogether it created more than 200 tasks of chess.


Harder worked first as an auxiliary fitter at Krupp in meals. With this activity it lost 1923 by an accident its right eye. It became unemployed. Starting from 1935 he worked first as a crane leader and then in the payroll accounting. 1944 pulled Harder because of the firm misalignment after bath Langensalza.


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