Karl Harrer

Karl Harrer (* 8. October 1890 - † 5. September 1926) was sport journalist and beside Anton Drexler initial member of the German labour party (DAP), from which the National Socialist German labour party (NSDAP) came out.

Harrer was also member of the right-wing extremists Thule society, in whose order he created the “ political worker circle in such a way specified” with Anton Drexler 1918, to to 5. January 1919 for the establishment of the DAP led, into which not only Harrer and Drexler, but also Gottfried feather/spring and Dietrich kind of hitting a corner were involved.

Harrer became the first chairman of the party of the DAP. Its plans to lead the DAP as a secret company after the model of the Thule society collided however with the intentions Adolf Hitler, who had likewise early joined the party. Toward at the end of of 1919 their rivalry became more and more visible; Harrer accused of Hitler the size illusion, withdrew finally on pressure of Hitler from all party offices and left the party to 5. January 1920. The party presidency went in the consequence first to Drexler and few months later at Hitler.


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