Karl Hartl

Karl Hartl (* 10. May 1899 in Vienna; † 29. August 1978 ebenda) was a Austrian film director.

Since 1930 he worked at the UFA and turned together with Luis Trenker of mountains in flames (1931). Afterwards it did not try in other category, thus with the comedy the countess of Monte Christo (1932) with Brigitte helmet and Gustaf of creating gene and in the same year with the Fliegerfilm F.P.1 answers itself with Hans Albers, Peter Lorre, Paul Hartmann and Sybille Schmitz in the main roles. From this film the song flier which was promoted into the early 1980er years by the volume to the hit originates extra-broadly, greets me the sun… Its aufwändiger Sciencefiction film gold of 1934 belongs to the best German its kind. Karl Hartl was also a director of the successful Kriminalkomödie the man, the shearing LOCK of cross-beam was (1937). After the connection of Austria 1938 Hartl boss became the vienna film, in which the UFA combined its Austrian activities, and went only few with own film work into action.

After 1945 it turned again. One of its bejubeltsten films was the angel with the trombone (1949), which many Austrian star united, so Paula Wessely, Attila and Paul Hörbiger, Oskar Werner, Maria Schell.

Karl Hartl was married with the actress Marches Harell.


  • of 1931 mountains in flames
  • 1932 the prince von Arkadien
  • 1932 F.P.1 1934
  • gold does not answer
  • 1934 ended in such a way a love
  • 1935 the gypsy baron
  • 1937 ride into the liberty
  • 1937 the man, the shearing LOCK of cross-beam was
  • 1940 Operette
  • 1949 the angel with the trombone
  • 1951 the being silent mouth
  • 1955 Mozart

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