Karl III. (East Franconia realm)

Karl III. (* 839; † 13. January 888 in Reichenau), called Karl of the thickness, from the family of the Karolinger was eastFrankish king from 876 to 887, king of Italy from 879 to 887 and Roman emperors since 881.

Itthe third son of Ludwig was II. the German and the Welfin Hemma. During the handing hurrying of its father 865 the eastFrankish partial realm Alemannien was assigned to it, in which it transferred the rule after its death 876.

In November it received 879 from its brother Karl man, ruler of Bavaria and Italy, briefly before its death (880) the Kingdom of Italy transferred (Bavaria received first the third brother Ludwig III. the younger one ).

To 12. February 881 became Karl III. of Pope Johannes VIII. to the Roman emperor crowned.

Afterdeath king of Ludwig of the younger one (its brother), it transferred 882 king power in the entire east Franconia realm.

After the death of Karl man end of 884, king of the westFrankish realm, he was proclaimed also there 885 to the ruler. Thus was nominal the realm Karl of the large one forshort time again unites.

In the west Karl governed III. up to its death in the year 888. In the east Franconia realm it lost in November 887 after military conflicts with its nephew Arnulf of Kärnten power. Karl was buried on the island Reichenau.

Karl married 862 Richardis, daughter of the count Erchanger from the family of the Alaholfinger, which became 887 Äbtissin in Andlau. The marriage remained childless, however it had an illegitimate son, Bernhard, who was probably born 876 and 891/892 were killed.

It carried the surname of the thickness after today'sRealizations to injustice. In the German ruler lists it is tituliert as third, not however in French lists. Karl applies in the science of history as an extremely weak ruler, which is connected in addition, with its illness (supposed epilepsy).

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