Karl III. Philipp (Pfalz)

Karl III. Philipp of the Pfalz

Karl III. Philipp of the Pfalz (* 4. November 1661 in new castle; † 31. December 1742 in Mannheim) was that sieved from 17 children of its parents Philipp William of Pfalz Neuburg and Elizabeth Amalie of Hessen darmstadt.


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1 life 2 descendants 3 on the left of 4 for the religious conditions. Without religious consecrations he became already with 14 years cathedral gentleman in Cologne, 1677 in Salzburg, 1679 in Mainz. It received besides military training. 1684 it terminated its religious career and stepped into the imperial service. It participated from 1691 to 1694 in the Turk wars , whereby it brought it up to the general.

1712 he was appointed the Gubernator upper and vorderöstereichischen country in Innsbruck. After the death of its older brother Johann William in the year 1716, he began its follow-up than duke of Pfalz Neuburg as well as of Jülich and mountain , established themselves however only 1718 in Heidelberg. The cure prince coined/shaped by its catholic faith came already soon into conflict with the reformed church advice. Thus it tried to forbid the Heidelberger Katechismus and to draw in the Heidelberger holy spirit church as catholic place of worship and Wittelsbacher funeral church. After it had on pressure of Protestant states and the emperor giving way, it shifted short hand 1720 the residence of the Kurpfalz from Heidelberg to Mannheim. Still in the same year the foundation-stone for the Mannheimer lock was put.

By mutual conventions of the union and inheriting with the other regents of the Wittelsbacher he tried to receive to wittelbachischen total country and strengthen. High point of this politics was to 17. January 1742 the double wedding between his granddaughter Elizabeth Augusts and Carl Theodor of Pfalz Sulzbach as well as her sister Maria Anna and the duke Clemens of Bavaria. The wedding made the archbishop of Cologne, Clemens August. Present also the Bavarian cure prince and future emperors Karl were VII. Albrecht of Bavaria as well as Johann Theodor, prince bishop of Regensburg and freesing. Because of this farsighted policy Carl Philipp is considered as the most important political head of the Wittelbacher in the first half 18. Century.


Karl III. Philipp was first married starting from 1788 with Luise Charlotte of Radziwill (1667-1695), daughter of prince Bogislaw Radziwill and widow of the Mark count von Brandenburg Schwedt. From the descendants only Elizabeth

  • Augusts (1693-1728) survived - Karl von Pfalz Sulzbach married with Joseph (1694-1729).

In second marriage he married 1701 Theresa Katharina Lubomirska of Ostrog, which however already died 1712.

It was morganatisch married with Violante Maria Theresa countess of Thurn and taxis last starting from 1729. Both lie in the crypt of the castle church buried.

With it the line Pfalz Neuburg of the Wittelbacher became extinct.

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Carl Theodor between baroque and clearing-up” ISBN 3-7917-1679-4 rehearses literature Hansjörg in “life desire and Frömmigkeit,

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