Karl Joseph of Hefele


Karl Joseph of Hefele (* 15. March 1809 in Unterkochen; † 5. June 1893 in gang castle at the Neckar) was a Roman-catholic church historian and bishop.

He was the son of a royal ironworks manager and became 1840 professor for catholic church history in Tübingen. 1868 it became by Pope Pius IX. to Rome appoint, in order to prepare the first Vatikani council. It had the task to prepare the agenda for this meeting. In addition it was in the best way qualified, because it had already published 1855 the first volume of its council history. In the summer 1869 he was selected to the bishop of the Diözese gang castle and to 29. December geweiht.

As a council participant it belonged to the minority, which rejected the dogma of the infallibility of the Pope. Even after whose Verkündigung hesitated he still for a long time. Finally it accepted for the peace the decision of the council. With its death it had reconciled itself also with the authority of the church.


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