Karl Joseph of Riccabona

Karl Joseph baron von Riccabona (* 28. July 1761 in Cavalese, Trentino; † 25. May 1839) was bishop von Passau.

Riccabona descended from the noble ones from Riccabona on realm rock and was that oldest of five children.By its father Joseph Anton of Riccabona it was sent to the institute for study after Brixen. Afterwards it studied 1777 at the University of Innsbruck philosophy and decided after conclusion of the study also still theology to study and the religious way hit. On operation of its Firmpaten Prince bishop Leopold Ernst count von Firmian von Passau it was accepted to the Collegium Romanum and assured to it a Kanonikat to the Kathedralkirche to Passau.

To 20. December 1783 became R. in Rome to the priest and stepped thereafter a Kaplanstelle geweiht into the Pfarrei Auer in the diocese Trient on. it received a minister place in Wallersdorf to 1790, where it remained active 31 years as Seelsorger.

When then in consequence of the Koncordats in Bavaria after the war and secularization storms the church hierarchy should be repaired, R. became. to 2. October 1821 as Domkapitular and cathedral minister to Munich appoint.

1826 died the last prince bishop von Passau, Leopold von Thun, on which king Ludwig I. Riccabona to 25. December 1826 to the bishop von Passau appointed, which shortly thereafter of Pope Leo XII. one confirmed.

Heavy taskswaited, because its predecessor had left his Diözese during secularization confusions, so that the diocese was actually a quarter century without bishop. It applied to begin the restoration. It undertook therefore detailed Diözesanvisitationen, in which it particularly on re-establishment of religious education in the schools andworthy celebrations of the services ensured.

To 25. May 1839 it died and lies now in the cathedral to Passau.


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