Karl Julius weber

Karl Julius weber (* 16. April or 20. April 1767 in long castle; † 20. July 1832 in copper cell) was a German writer and an important Satiriker.


weber studied in attaining and Goettingen the rights, accepted then a yard master place in French Switzerland , where it made itself familiar with French literature and philosophy, became 1792 private secretary with the count von Erbach-Schönberg, 1799 advice of the Regierungskanzlei king in the desert forest and 1802 stepped as yard and a government advice into Isenburg services, in order to accompany the hereditary count on its journeys.

In Berlin however this escaped its leader, on which weber took and to chase living denationalized its parting. From 1820 to 1824 it representedthe upper office Künzelsau in the württembergischen condition meeting. It died to 20. July 1832 in copper cell, where he became to also bury.


as writers stepped webers first on with its “Möncherei” (Stuttgart 1818-20, 3 Bde.), a historythe Mönchtums. “The knight nature” (Stuttgart 1822-24, 3 Bde.) followed.

Its most matured and most well-known works (Stuttgart 1834-44, 30 Bde.) are: “Germany, or letters one in Germany traveler German” (Stuttgart 1826-28, 3 Bde. ; 3. Aufl., as “travel guide” furnished. 1843, 6 Bde.)and the unfinished “Demokritos, or left papers of a laughing philosopher (Stuttgart 1832-1840, 12 Bde. ; 8. Aufl. 1870 and. 1888); the latter is its most well-known work.

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