Karl Kautsky

Karl Kautsky

Karl Johann Kautsky (* 18. October 1854 in Prague (son of Minna Kautsky); † 17. October 1938 in Amsterdam) was a prominent theoretician of the German and international social-democracy (SPD).

Between 1874 and it studied 1878 in Vienna history, philosophy and national economy, it worked at the same time as writer and a painter. From 1880 to 1882 he was coworker of the private scholar Karl high mountain. He make friends himself with the Social Democrat Eduard amber, was occupied ofthere off with the marxism.1883 it created the magazine “the recent time “, whose publisher and leading editor remained he until 1917. It wrote political and historical studies, became an authority in the area Marx' schen to theory. 1885 to 1890 it lived in London, was closely friendly with Friedrich Engels. Starting from 1890 it lived in Germany.

1875 became Kautsky in Austria member of the social-democratic labour party. it prepared 1891 together with August Bebel and Eduard amber the Erfurter program of the social-democratic party of Germany (SPD) forwards. On the basis of the Marxist theory it aimed at a socialist society in Germany. After the death of Friedrich Engels Kautsky became the most important and most influential theoreticianand stood for the SPD at the side of August Bebel in at that time Marxist center of the party.

Kautsky in the party forms itself, mediated 1903 as a critic of the Bernstein revisionism between the reform-oriented party leadership and radical linking. 1909 publishedit the book the way to power. it broke 1914 with pink Luxembourg and the party-left.

1917 joined Kautsky of the independent social-democratic party of Germany (USPD) . it turned and justified themselves 1918 sharply against the October Revolution in Russia thatin the writing the dictatorship of the Proletariats. In the USPD was soon isolated it, left the party 1919 and returned 1922 to the SPD. 1925 he was co-author of the Heidelberger of program of the SPD, that socialism by reformsto reach wanted.

1918 and 1919 was Kautsky in the advice the people-assigned undersecretary of state in the German Foreign Office.

1924 went to Kautsky back to Vienna. After the connection of Austria it emigierte into the Netherlands and lived in the exile in Amsterdam.

Kautsky was since 1890 with Luise Ronsperger marry. It had three sons. Kautsky lived long years in Berlin - Friedenau, at the house Saarstrasse 14 reminds a Gedenktafel of it. Pink Luxembourg, which likewise lived in Friedenau (Cranachstrasse 58), connected one muchconfine friendship with his Mrs. Luise Kautsky.

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